Hollywood movies See, Who’s Here To Compete With Bollywood And Indian Television Industry!
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See, Who’s Here To Compete With Bollywood And Indian Television Industry!

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Gone are the days when people used to stay in front of the idiot box for hours and watch why Tulsi is still suffering while her husband got married for another five times. Indians have got smarter, call it internationalisation or the dumb movies and TV soaps, we had to let it go.


Both Bollywood and the Indian television have some really serious competition out there. As we are growing digitally, the content is getting better day by day. With more exposure to internet connectivity, more and more users are going online to watch content.



Not films or any soap, but the content on these streaming apps which are more exciting, refreshing and intriguing. The digital entertainment industry has seen a major revolution in the last couple of years since Jio entered the scene, the data prices dropped and high-speed internet is available almost everywhere.


The largest digital streaming app in the world – Netflix is offering content in India for a monthly subscription starting at Rs. 500 with a huge chunk of some out-of-the-box content. Amazon Prime is available at Rs. 999 a year with a lot of online content with add-on shopping benefits on Amazon India. The Star-led Hotstar is available at Rs. 199 a month with live streaming options of cricket and other games with streaming rights of widely famous TV shows like Game of Thrones (GoT) and Silicon Valley.



Up next there is the Jio-entertainment-duo of JioCinema and JioTV which offers both live TV streaming of majority of channels with a huge library of movies and TV shows absolutely free for Jio users. Then there are also other free options like Voot, Alt Balaji, Viu, Arre, Hoichoi and more.


With so much to choose from, more and more Indians are logging onto these streaming apps on their smartphones with the data becoming more faster and cheaper day by day. The online streaming apps have turned out to be the next go-to destination for all private and top-notch entertainment.


The international biggies Amazon Prime and Netflix are eyeing a huge share in India, as they have realised it well how India is growing big on the internet. Thanks to the cheaper data prices and rapid internet penetration. Both are in a race to create more original Indianized content.


Amazon Prime have produced a bunch of Indian shows with some local production houses with an array of Indian stand-up comedy shows, a genre which has recently become very popular on the internet. Plus, Amazon Prime has signed up with big production houses like Dharma Productions and Salman Khan Films for exclusive online streaming rights.


Netflix initially backed on with Hollywood and westernized content, but lately, it’s now catching-up with more Indian content. It has signed a deal with Shahrukh Khan and has roped in Anurag Kashyap, Nawazuddin and Saif Ali Khan for a big upcoming project. Recently, the US based digital streaming company released Love Per Square Foot, a tale of two youngsters finding love while looking for a place to live. Ekta Kapoor is also producing a huge chunk of unique content on Alt Balaji, with other local streaming apps like Viu, Arre and Hoichoi bringing in more stuff as well.


While the online audience is growing big day and day with more fresh content, it will slowly kill the mindless television shows and stupid soaps.

Embrace yourself for a new arena of fresh and tempting content, a whole new world of captivating stories is coming up!