Style With Glamour



By Ravi

WEALTH: Wealth is not about money.It is also about physical and mental strength.Almost every individual treat money as a wealth but this is not complete fact.Wealth contains the mixture of basic work with smart work & your passion.


So below are some of the basic fundamentals to improve your wealth quickly:

►Stay fit & Healthy

The first foremost rule to increase your wealth is  to stay fit & healthy both in physical and mental terms,Because if you stay fit & healthy it will lead to an  increase in your concentration power along with deep thinking and it will also lessen your medical expenses.


►Think Creative & Discover New Ideas

Creativeity is all about knowing your interest & converting it into new ideas.


►Be Passionate about Ideas

Believe in yourself and convert your ideas into practicality in a passionate manner.


►Believe in Your Ideas & Not what Other Says

If you think that your ideas are creative and you can take the  best out of it,  Go ahead & don`t bother about what other say because it is your knowledge about the idea that will create euphoria in your wealth. Whenever you acheive success according to your rules,all individuals will be with you at that time.



►Stop Making Excuses

If you really want to do something new then stop making excuses because struggle is the backbone of the success, that teaches us new ways.


►Improve Your Skills & Knowledge

Try & regularly update your skills and knowledge because no matter at any  time your  knowledge save you.An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


►Balance Between Income & Expense

It is necessary to take your expenses in account to calculate the net profit you are generating from your business. Try and maintain healthy balance between them.


►Believe in Investment & Not in Saving:

Investment are broader view & Savings are narrower view because  the return on investment are far more than return on saving.So try your savings to be invested properly.

Always remenber this nice saying that,

                   'Before Time & More Than Luck Believe in your  Investment".