Hollywood movies Secret Of Happiness- Science Confirms Of Spending More On Experiences Than On Things!
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Secret Of Happiness- Science Confirms Of Spending More On Experiences Than On Things!



I ask you the most fundamental question of ‘What is happiness?’ Is it getting salary on first of month? Earning and pilling up hefty amount of money or spending on the most expensive jewellery and things  to own them under your possession or just lying and staying at bed in your four walled home all your life?  Well, what most of us think, happiness is having millions of money in our possession, a nice girlfriend, lavish bungalow and list goes on. Infact meaning of happiness is different to different person. Ok, let me interrupt you and reveal you something that would surely blow your mind if you still haven’t come across and ponder over the new scientific proof that happiness is not spending and owning things rather than it’s spending and gathering experiences and I am not talking of spirituality and giving up!

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

 Without penny in your pocket, none would take you seriously and respect you. We all have grown hearing this from our elders. Isn’t it? Of course, money is too important to make both ends and survive. But now you are grown up man or woman, haven’t sometimes you felt if money could buy happiness that all the rich people must be the happiest persons on this earth. And why sometimes, some of the richest persons have committed suicide if they had uncountable money and could buy happiness. We humans are ever demanding, you buy a new expensive i- phone and praises of it a lot but wish to throw it away once a new one launches in market.

 Infact, happiness comes from inside and it’s comes when we believe in gathering up special experiences and motivation in life rather than on materialistic possession and pomp and show. Money doesn’t grow on tree but neither happiness is sold in market that you could buy with money. That’s why money can’t buy happiness doesn’t matter you rich you are!

Material Possession Vs Celebrating Experiences

A luxury car, i-phone and branded suit and boot and I hope the picture is clear in your mind of what I am talking of. Well, I must say each individual has a capacity of enjoying the best of the best world has as life is born but once! So, if we end up our life spending our hard earned money on buying and buying on luxury cars, i-phone or a piece of jewellery and you yourself know the pleasure of these things vanishes over a time and we again start buying new products and never ever rich persons would weep and cry and turn old and die leaving behind heap of notes. we should dare to explore the world and gathering up some precious and rare moments and I know each of you have experience those lovely moments. Be it a picnic tour with your friends or a girlfriend! Don’t confuse happiness with buying with money rather than it’s spending on the experiences that last over a life.

Happiness Is Gathering Experiences & Love!

So, instead of spending on materialism, I would suggest you to move ahead alone or even with your friends on a journey to a beautiful land and take a deep breath to hear your inner voice as actually what you want to do in your life and surely you would hear the same. I am quite sure if you decide on to spend on lifetime experiences and catching up some of the best memories in your life, you are ever pleased and blessed and you of course live your life fully and worthwhile and it’s special memories and feelings that stays in our brain!