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Weight Gain

Agamoni Das

To gain weight, the most important part is to plan your meal. Your daily meal is the ultimate key to add pounds to your body weight. You need to have a positive energy balance that is the calorie intake should be more than the calorie expended. An addition of 500 kcal/day to your calorie requirement would help you to gain 0.5 kg/week.  According to that ratio you need to increase your calorie intake. Remember that the diet should be a well combination of Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat as these three macro nutrients will provide the calorie. Do not forget to consider the micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in your diet. Here are some guidelines that will help you to plan your daily meals –

 weight gain diet


1. Start your day with a glass of milk. Skimmed milk is definitely healthy, but to gain weight there is no substitute of whole milk.

2. Add one or two eggs to your breakfast. The egg white is a great source of protein while the egg yolk will provide you fat.

3. Have bread with butter. You can make sandwich as well that will add some veggies. But make sure about the butter or else add cheese to the sandwich.

4. Oats, pasta, noodles, parathas, Khichdi these all can be a choice.

diet plan for gaining weight



1. As you already had your breakfast in the morning and going to have your lunch soon your mid-morning meal should not be heavy. Fruits are always the best option for mid-morning.

2. In case of fruits, Banana is the best option for skinny people. Banana is literally restricted for obese people. So, have a banana daily.

3. Instead of having fruit juices, it’s better to have the whole fruit. Any fruit can be beneficial for you.

4. You can easily make Chenna from milk and have it in the mid-morning. Chenna is pretty much effective for thin people.

 healthy weight gain diet plan


1. It will be better if you can have rice in your lunch. Rice is such simple carbohydrate that your body consumes so fast.

2. Make dishes with vegetables. Keep smashed potato in the meal. Dal can be a good source of protein specially lentil.

3. Now coming to the next part there is chicken, pork or red meat.

4. Fish such as salmon, tuna these are highly beneficial.

5. Add full fat yogurt to your meal.

diet chart for gaining weight


1. Almond, walnut, pistachios these are healthy source of fat.

2. Protein bar, protein shake, dark chocolate or anything made with heavy cream can be taken. Ice cream is also caloriegenic.

3. Any dietary supplement suggested by your nutritionist would be effective.

 weight gain diet plan


1. Dinner can be a replica of the lunch. This time if you are not interested for rice then go with chapattis with ghee on it.

2. Here again comes the veggie. Add smashed or baked potato.

3. You may have sea foods as well. Have Chicken soup or normal chicken. It would be better to avoid the beef or pork in the dinner.

4. End your day with one glass of milk that is before bed.

Gain Weight Naturally

So, this is what can be followed to gain weight. Make sure that your meal is full with calorie dense foods. Increase the serving size of meals.