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Weight Gain

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Gaining weight is all about increasing the percentage of fat, and an increase in muscle mass.Some people think that gaining weight is difficult, we find people talking to their friends "Ki me to kuch bi kha lu mujhe ni lagta".But this may be due to not following the diet and foods in a proper way.

So below we are providing you with various nutritious food that will help you to gain weight easily-

1. Desi Ghee



Desi Ghee is one of the best & healthy food to gain weight.It has been in Indian tradition since ages .Ghee consists of fat soluble Nutrients like  vitamin  A,D,E & I which performs various functions in the body.It is a pure ghee that offers benefits,qualities & medicinal values and contains fat that helps to gain weight.


2. Butter (saturated fat)



Butter is made by churning milk.According to studies, Butter contains 80 percent of milk fat & milk fat helps in gaining weight to large extent. It is also a good source of vitamin A.

3. Paneer



Paneer is also a healthy weight gainer product. It is made up with help of milk. It has numerous health benefits attached to it.It is a great source of calcium,that helps in building bones.It helps in gaining weight as it contains high amount of protein that help in body building muscles.It has almost 72 calories in 100 gms.You can eat this in various ways like vegetable, salads,n sandwiches,pastas, dosas etc.


4. Soya Beans



Soya Beans is like a king of gaining weight which is considered extremely beneficial for human body.It is rich in protein & thus serves as a body building foods.You can eat Soya in various ways like soya sauce, soyabean, meat, soya vegetable, soya cream, soya milk etc.


5. Sprouts



Sprouts are an ideal food, if you want to stay fit & healthy. Although sprouts contains low fat but due to high presence of protein content it helps gaining healthy. Sprouts are considered to be real healthy food.It consists of many nutritional elements that are essential for human body.


6.Full Cream Milk



Milk is benefical for growth of physical & mental fitness.It contains almost 3.5 % of butter fat which helps in gaining weight. It is helpful in all growing actvities of body.It keeps bones healthy & strong. It increase immunity & stamina.It is beneficial for strong teeth because of rich calcium content.Milk is helpful in better sleep.


7. Salmon



Salmon is considered as an extremely nutritious food. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and is a  rich source of protein, minerals & vitamins which ultimately leads to gaining weight in a right manner.


8. Eggs



Eggs are the best or rich source of protein. Eggs are considered the best powerhouse for body. It contains protein in every bite .Eggs has yolk that contains fat and protein that helps in gaining weight and are highly nutritious.


9:Energy Bars



Energy bars are high protein and carbohydrates bars that contains high amount of fat and sodium, and presence of all these nutritional stuffs make it advantageous to eat for gaining weight.




Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates that helps in gaining weight to a large extent.Potatoes can be taken as vegetables, in potato chips, finger chips, rice etc.





Nuts help in quick weight gain.Nuts like Almonds, Walnuts, peanuts acts as power house for gaining weight.Almonds are a good souce of fat and proteins.Walnuts contains omega - 3 fatty acids and peanuts contains protein and amino acids that are considered good for growth.





If you want to remain fit and gain weight on the right areas, you can go for shakes like banana shake, protein shake etc that are store house of various nutrients.They contains Iron, carbohydrates and are avaliable throughout seasons.They are also considered good for quick energy level.And when taken with milk , they acts like whole food and helps gaining weight.