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How Hormones Can Be Responsible For Weight Gain

Weight Gain


Weight gain can be possible due to many reasons. It’s not only like one who eats a lot is only at the risk of weight gain. There are many other things to be considered. And one of them is hormone. Yes, your hormones can be responsible for weight gain. A hormonal imbalance can make it difficult to lose weight and more easy to gain weight. But how? Well, here some hormones which can lead you to gain weight. Have a look –


High and low levels of estrogen, both can be harmful. And imbalance in the normal estrogen level can cause weight gain. When your body produces high level of estrogen, it hampers the activity of insulin, which can lead to weight gain. During menopausal period there is a low production of estrogen. And your body converts all the source of energy to fat, so that the fat cells can balance the deficiency of estrogen



Due to the low level of progesterone, body accumulates fat. During menopause or the use of contraceptive pills, these can lead to low level of progesterone and weight gain.


A low level of testosterone can lead to weight gain. Testosterone level is lowered with age or due to stress, which ultimately leads to fat accumulation.


It is well known that insulin controls the blood glucose level. If there is a low production of insulin or if the activity of the insulin is hampered, then it’s obvious that the blood glucose level will be increased. Here comes the point type-II diabetes. And there is a high chance of weight gain in Type-II diabetes.


Cortisol hormone is mainly associated with stress and depression. Nowadays stress is the most part of daily life. Cortisol is secreted due to over stress. And it is also responsible for fat deposition.


Low secretion of thyroid hormone may lead to hypothyroidism. And weight gain is one of the complications of hypothyroidism, along with high cholesterol and all. In hypothyroidism your body puts weight due to water accumulation, not fat.


Leptin is the hormone, associated with our hunger. Over secretion of leptin increases the pangs of hunger. Fat cells are responsible for the secretion of leptin. So, the more your body accumulates fat, the more it starts secreting leptin. To control leptin the foods which can be responsible for weight gain, should strictly be avoided.


Ghrelin is also responsible for increased hunger and fat deposition. So, high secretion of ghrelin can lead to weight gain. And fat people are already having high level ghrelin.