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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight loss


Weight loss is the biggest problem of our day to day life. You can easily find people obsessed and depressed due to not losing weight, even after regular efforts. Overweight people often lose their confidence and start thinking negatively in life. But that’s not the way to tackle it!

Well! Talking about an unconventional way to lose weight is- Hypnotherapy.

Becoming famous due to its effective results on weight loss issues, this term has gained enough popularity. It’s not just the diet charts and nutritional plans that help in weight loss, but, even hypnotherapy works by changing the attitude of the person about how they 1about things they eat. For example – A diet plan that makes you dislike carrot can be changed into an enjoyable process using hypnotherapy. What becomes difficult to restrict with diet plans becomes easy to access by mind control and changed thinking patterns by hypnotherapy techniques. This automatically helps in weight reduction.

Principle behind Hypnotherapy

It works by targeting the unconscious mind of a person through powerful suggestion techniques induced by a hypnotherapist for developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise. The main aim of hypnotherapy revolves around programming the brain towards weight loss with full confidence. It makes one feel more confident about their body, thereby converting the negative thoughts into positive ones and helping them loose weight without attacking the emotional intent.  
This is the major working principle behind the workability of Hypnotherapy. It is due to its visible results that it is becoming increasingly accepted, globally in the long-term. Apart from the little scepticism associated with its result worthiness. In fact, many people are still not sure about the involvement of hypnotherapy and its workability. 

Myths of Hypnotherapy

There are many constructive facts that one must definitely know about this science. These facts are useful and help a lot during hypnosis.

Mentioned below are the facts and myths as believed to happen during this process-


  •    Being out of control
  •    Falling asleep
  •    Being told to do anything one doesn't want to do
  •    Memory being erased
  •    Force to reveal the deep dark secrets

In fact, Hypnotherapy doesn’t exploit your mind and thought process by the hypnotherapist and one remains under full control, throughout the sessions.


Process of Hypnosis for weight loss

During the process your hypnotherapist works as a coach and guides your journey to a deep relaxation state. Once this is achieved, the hypnotherapist gains access to the unconscious mind that work actively for the innate instincts and survival mechanisms.
With his soothing and empathetic words script, he/she explores the client's major reasons for overeating and finding the right suggestion he imbibes the same into your mind. This is done through the process of visualisations and thinking. Here, nothing is forced but one is free to reject any of the suggestions making them feel happy, even without the guidance of the hypnotherapist.

With a gradual process and attending a series of hypnotherapy sessions – one gradually learns the way to replace the negative eating habits and patterns by the positive, as suggested by your hypnotherapist. This will automatically help your loose weight!