Hollywood movies Best Bedtime Foods For Weight Loss.Whether you are trying to lose weight or just eat healthier.In order to stop late night eating, you need to have a plan.
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Meet The Late Night Carvings With These Snacks And Loss Weight As Well

Weight loss

Agamoni Das

The late night carvings could be one of the major reasons of gaining weight. It supposed to add pounds to your weight easily. But unfortunately, you don’t have control on your late night carvings rather it’s difficult to have control over it. Well, the best thing you can do is, meet the carvings with some healthy snacks. Snacks that would not let you gain weight. So, here are some healthy bed time snacks for you –


         greek yourt

Non-fat Greek Yogurt in your diet helps you to lose weight anytime. As it is a great source protein that helps you to build lean muscle. Most importantly having protein just before the bed promotes the synthesis of protein and thus the growth of muscle. So, you can easily have this as your bed-time snacks.



You can have your favourite smoothies, may be a source of protein. But make sure it should not contain anything that could add pounds to your weight. The best option is to go for the protein smoothies, as having protein before sleep generates the protein synthesis very well.



Banana and apple, both makes your stomach satisfied. In addition you can have a little bit of peanut butter to satisfy yourself. Also the peanut butter contains tryptophan that makes you sleepy and provides you a tight sleep. Banana contains tryptophan as well.



Cherries works on your melatonin hormone, that helps you to sleep well, rather improves your sleep quality. On the other hand cherries contain high mount of anti-oxidant along with other nutrients



Most of the people are already in a healthy habit of drinking milk before bed. But if you want to lose weight, then there is great news for you. Researchers have found that calcium reduces the belly fat. And hopefully there is no need to mention about the protein part of the milk and how much it is beneficial for you before bed.  You can have kefir as well.



Almond is one of healthiest snacks ever, no matter whenever you take it. And having almond as the bed time snacks is literally amazing. The fibre and protein in it satisfies your stomach very well. 


     cottage cheese

It’s a perfect combination of protein and tryptophan. And you already know the benefits of having protein and tryptophan before bed.


       dark chocolate

I hope this puts a smile on your face. Well, it’s better to have dark chocolate than any other chocolate.  Hopefully there is no doubt that it will satisfy you and the credit goes to the anti-oxidant and the fibre in dark chocolate.



One boiled egg is enough to meet your carvings. Moreover egg is amazingly beneficial for your health.



A bowl of oats or cornflakes with milk in it is a great option to meet your carvings without getting fat. Moreover it’s healthy. You can have any other cereal instead of oats or cornflakes.



Having a carrot is always beneficial, as it is full of nutrients. And as a bed time snacks when you need to satisfy your stomach without getting fat, carrot is definitely good option.



Late night movies along with popcorn as late night snacks. What could be better without gaining fat? And keeping about the body weight in your mind ignore the cheese.