Hollywood movies Significant Info on How Good is Teatox for Weight Loss?
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Significant Info on How Good is Teatox for Weight Loss?

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Detoxing the body with a new method dissimilar to the intake of the green juices is: Teatox. Such detoxification plans take use of the tea for completing the process. Tea being one of the most popular beverages around the globe, when well-groomed with a varied set of effective ingredients for weight loss can do wonders with its detoxification effect. Giving a boost to the energy levels, drinking flavonoid-rich tea or Teatox helps in the protection of the heart, skin, brain and bones, as well. There are also evidences that Teatox helps in managing the stress levels along with maintaining the right weight and thus, defends against Type-II diabetes and even cancer. Still there have been no published researches that depict a strong claim towards safety and effectively of teatoxes.

Most of the Teatox products have been considered as relatively gentle, as dietary supplements, but still buyers need to be aware of the ingredients, side effects and effectively of it, before using a Teatox. This is mainly because the tea intake can interfere with the absorption and effectiveness levels of any other supplements or medications one is already taking.
Ingredients of Teatox

Before trying teatox you must know about the major ingredients of Teatox. We have mentioned the important ingredients of Teatox below:-

Guarana is named after Guarani tribe found in the Amazon. The plant's seeds are used to brew a beverage.

Yerba Mate

Yerba leaves are used for preparing medicines.

Garcinia Cambogia

The hydroxycitric acid content in this fruit is supposed to decrease the fat cells of the body, along with appetite control and thus, limiting the body’s weight gain.


Senna leaves and fruit is a highly used component for medicinal purpose.

As per the National Institutes of Health, one of the ingredients of Teatox, Senna doesn’t have enough evidence for weight loss promotion. In fact, it is considered to irritate the stomach lining for producing the laxative effect resulting into stomach discomforts such as- cramps, diarrhoea, etc. Using the teatox plan for more than 2 weeks is highly discouraged as it may cause abnormal bowel functions with changed electrolyte levels. This is considered highly harmful as it may weaken the muscles, damage the liver, create heart problems, etc.

Our body follows a natural cleansing and purifying process by eliminating those extra salts via sweat, faeces and urine, thus, using external cleansing elements may disrupt the normal process.

Thus, if you wish to lose weight and clean up your body, skipping the teatox is preferred. Instead, consuming a good and nutrient-rich, appropriate calorie diet with plenty of whole grains, fibre, lean proteins, and low-fat food items is recommended. Drinking enough water, sipping the regular tea, just for enjoyment, rather than taking the teatox method is comparatively better. Stay active with good routine workouts, take enough sleep and stay happy. Doing all this is likely going to keep you healthier and safe as compared to opting for an external process that is unproven and could be even unsafe.