Hollywood movies Zubaida Tariq Wight Loss Tips – An Amazing Way To Lose Weight
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Zubaida Tariq Wight Loss Tips – An Amazing Way To Lose Weight

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Zubaida Tariq Is One Of The Known Faces From Pakistan. She Is A Chef And Cooking Expert As Well. Most Importantly She Is A Fitness Expert And Has Made Some Effective Tricks For Losing Weight. There Are A Lot Of Ways To Lose Weight, No Doubt With It. But The Zubaida Tariq Tips To Lose Weight Is Something; You Will Find Easy As Well As Effective. Well, Let’s Have A Look –

Start Your Day With Lemon Juice And Honey

This Is One Of The Popular Methods Of Weight Loss. Lemon Juice In Luke Warm Water, With A Little Bit Of Honey In It, Is Very Much Effective. This Helps You In Detoxification And Fat Burn.

Green Tea

Green Tea Is Well Known For Its Weight Loss Property. And Zubaida Has The Same Thing To Say. Have The Green Tea 2 Times A Day And This Will Definitely Help You To Burn Fat.

Samller Meals, Larger In Count

Make Your Meals Small, Like Have The Meals In Small Quantity. And Take It For Several Times Instead Of Having Four Large Meals In A Day. Try To Eat In A Gap Of 2-3 Hours But Remember Not The Heavy One.

Chew More

Chewing The Foods Properly Is Good Start To The Weight Loss Plan. Eat Slowly And Chew More.

An Apple A Day

Not To Forget That ‘an Apple A Day, Makes The Doctor Away.’ So, Apple Can Easily Be Your Snack And Definitely A Good Way To Treat Food Carvings.

A Tomato Before Breakfast

Have A Tomato Daily Before Having You Breakfast. But If You Have High Level Of Uric Acid Then It’s Better To Ignore The Tomato.

Go For Skimmed Milk

Instead Of Having General Milk, Start Having Skimmed Milk Or Low Fat Milk.

Lentil Juice

Boil 1 Tsp. Of Lentils In 4 Cups Of Water. Let It Boil Until It Becomes 1 Cup. Then Keep It In The Freeze Over Night. In The Morning Take The Lentils Out And Drink The Water By Adding Lemon Juice In It.

Drink A Lot Of Water Daily

Surprisingly Water Can Burn Calories. So, Drink A Lot Of Water Daily. At Least Try To Drink 4 Lit Of Water In A Day.


Boiled Beet Is Very Helpful For Weight Loss Plan. Beet Juice, Salads Adding Beet Or Beet In The Meals, These All Is Highly Referred.

Shift To Brown Bread

Stop Having The White Milky Breads And Shift To Brown Bread Soon.

A Regular Practice Of Exercise

Always Be In A Practice Of Daily Workout. The Workout Can Be In Any Form. You Can Go To The Gym Or There Are Many Other Options Like Yoga, Dancing, Walking, Swimming Etc. All You Are Asking To Burn Calories By Working Out.