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Exercises For The First Trimester Of Pregnancy


Agamoni Das

During pregnancy the first and foremost thing is to remain healthy. You need to stay healthy for yourself and for the baby you are carrying. So, besides having a good diet, just try to be in a practice of exercise. Because exercising could be the best choice, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. You can avoid the extra weight gain and can give your body the proper shape of child birth as well. But you need to be conscious about choosing your exercises.


It’s nothing new that yoga is the best form of exercise. And not only during pregnancy, your post pregnancy period also needs yoga. Yoga helps in building your strength and balance. Moreover yoga can get you relief from hypertension, cramps, pains, mood swings and other disturbances during pregnancy. And the guidelines that you are avoiding poses, twisting with your abdomen or lying on your back. Don’t try hot or Bikram yoga while you are pregnant.


Pilates can help you to build the balance during pregnancy. Lower back pain is one of the complications of pregnancy. Pilates will help you to overcome that. And it also focuses on building your strength by improving the core muscles. But do avoid the poses where your midsection is having trouble and don’t lie on your back.


First of all, consult your trainer about the weight trainings. But weight trainings can actually prepare your body to carry the extra weight, by improving the strength of your whole body.


Kejel exercises make your pelvic muscles stronger. These muscles control your urine flow and help hold your pelvic organs in place. Kejel exercises during pregnancy can help during vaginal delivery and also to prevent urinary incontinence during and after birth.


Water exercises are also beneficial. It helps in improving the core strength during pregnancy. Moreover a pool session during pregnancy is soothing for you. But you need to be conscious. Always follow the guidelines of your trainer.


During pregnancy try to keep your body moving. So, a daily 15 min of walking can keep you healthy and can build your upper body strength, because your hands are swinging continuously.