Diet To Follow During Period, To Deal With The Menstrual Symptoms.


Do you ever think of your diet during period? Mostly not. But the thing is the way you eat during those days, has a great role to play. Your period symptoms can be mild to major; still it’s any way uncomfortable, even unbearable sometimes. Starting from mood swings to cramps to low energy or headache, a proper diet during periods got numerous benefits. So, let’s play it cool the next time.

Dark Chocolate

Most of the ladies crave for chocolates during their period. And here is the suggestion for you that don’t go for milk chocolate or chocolate pastries because these have nothing to do with your period. Since dark chocolate contains magnesium it can regulate the feel good hormone serotonin. Also Dark chocolates are good source anti-oxidants which have other few benefits.

Leafy Vegetables

Well, veggies are any way an important part of your diet and it gets more important when we are talking about period. During period it’s normal that women body losses iron. And green leafy vegetables are great source iron, which can meet the iron level that your body lacks.


Eggs are the complete package of nutrients; hence it has the highest biological value. And the highest valued during period as well. Iron, fatty acid, protein along the vitamins and minerals these all can be a healthy treat to period.


Omega-3 fatty acid can help to reduce the cramps during period and helps in relaxing your muscles and makes you feel a bit comfortable. Salmon or other fatty fishes are the best possible option for omega-3 fatty acids.


Yogurt helps in digestion, so you can eat yogurt as to combat constipation during period. It’s not that yogurt reduces constipation but a better digestion can. Also yogurt is a great source of calcium that can fix your menstrual cramps, as calcium is ease to your muscles during period.


Broccoli is an amazing source of iron, magnesium and potassium. And you need this trio of nutrients the most during your period to combat the menstrual uncomfortness, may be regarding mood swing or muscle cramps.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea could be a stress buster during period. A cup of chamomile tea not only relaxes your mood but also it relaxes uterus. Also the muscle pain can be well treated.


Bananas have got a lot of healthy nutrients that can boost your mood up. It generates feel good chemicals actually. Most importantly as I said irregular bowel movement is an issue during period; banana could undoubtedly be the solution.


Orange is recommended as being a good source of both calcium and vitamin-D. These are two important to fight against the cramps and to ease your muscles.

Foods To Be Avoided Strictly During Period

– Processed food

– Salty or Sugary foods

– Candies

– Snacks

– Caffeine

– Alcohol

– Spicy foods.

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