Health Benefits of consuming Flaxseeds



In today’s time there is a lot of hustle bustle in young generation craving for healthy food, however the problem is no one has the time to prepare it and everyone is craving for instant food and the solutions that we find are fried chips or namkeen which have lot of negative effects of mind,body soul and the overall well being of the person. There are lot of studies which claim that eating chips can increase the risk of stroke. Problems like high blood pressure, weight gain are a result of eating chips which even kids face.

So what’s the solution to satisfy our instant cravings where we don’t have to bear the dire consequences of eating chips.

Yes there is a solution and the solution is to replace chips with food products containing flaxseeds.

The health benefits of eating flax seeds are divine that no one has focused on and flaxseeds possibly have the potential to become the world’s next superfood like spirulina

Lets go through some of the health benefits of eating flaxseeds :

1) Great Source of Omega 3 : Omega 3 is mostly found in sea food and vegetarians do not get their daily source of Omega 3. Omega 3 deficiency can cause joint pains, fatigue and also leads to deficits in concentration and attentiveness. Flaxseeds are a great source to get our daily source of Omega3

2 )Upliftment of Mood and Increase in Concentration Levels : Now a days  we have become addicted to caffeine and energy drinks for increasing our concentration levels but these supplements  can cause a lot of health problems like anxiety, heart palpatations and over dosage of caffeine can even cause panic attacks.

Flaxseeds contain VitaminB1 which is called thiamine that can help us to battle depression and anxiety.

3) Healthy Heart : Flaxseeds are rich in various antioxidants which may lead to improving your cholesterol and thus in turn improve your heart health. Flaxseeds are also known for reducing your blood pressure as they are rich in amino acids like arginine and glutamine both of which are very important for heart and immune system. They are also a very rich source of Magnesium and phosphorus which contributes to overall bone health and tissue maintenance.

4) Good Source of Fiber : Now a days its hard to eat fruits daily and as a result we face lot of fiber deficiency in our body and which in turn lead to a lot of colon issues like chronic constipation.Flax seeds are a very rich source to consume fiber daily.

5) Great Source of Protein : People who are looking to cut back on their meat consumption, Flaxseeds can turn out to be very good replacement as they are a good source of plant based protein.

6) Flaxseeds Contain Harmone Balacing Properties : As they are rich in compounds called ‘lignans; which in turn help in restoring the harmonal balance.

7) Protection Against Cancer : Flaxseeds have antiviral and antibacterial compounds which in turn helps in protection against cancer, Also flax seeds are highly non inflammatory and inflammation is known to be the greatest cause of cancer.

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