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Diet & Health

Crohn's Disease - Top 8 Foods to Avoid


Crohn's disease is considered as a disease that affects the intestinal trac

Know & Understand Why Women Are Putting Cabbage Leaves On Their Breasts

Sehba jalal

Vegetables have always had that miraculous effect on our body. Right from t

Find Out Whether Running is Good or Bad for Your Knees!


Running is considered as one of the most effective and result-oriented phys

Beauty & Fashion

7 Super Sexy 1-Piece Swimsuits for Spring


With spring approaching ahead, the need for those superfine and sexy one-pi

Delhi Fashion Week - Puts Focus on the Homegrown and Handicraft


The recent Delhi Fashion Week has the Indian Weaver’s prowess meeting the

Celebrities’ Sexiest Dresses: The Sexy Dresses Of Sexy Ladies!


We all gaze at the sexiest and glittery outfits of celebrities who walk on


Hotel Trident, Jaipur: The ‘Maharaja’ Experience


The Trident Hotels chain is known for its utmost comfort, luxury and themed

Why Should Couple Go For Honey Moon Trip Every Year??

Rahul Rawat

Ask most of the couples how many times they have been for Honey Moon; proba

7 Awesome Must-Go Adventurous Places For People In Love

Meighan Sembrano

If you are in love, there are plenty of awesome and breathtaking places you

Top 10

This is what Different ‘Sitting Poses Tell Of Your Personality’?


Body language expresses uncontrollably what’s going on in one’s mind an

Is Someone Ready For A Real Relationship? - 10 SIGNS That Answer

Rahul Rawat

Life without relationships can’t be imagined. That relationship could be

Over Fitness Could Affect Your Relationship: Check It To Believe It!

Rahul Rawat

Blessed are the ones who drip out sweat to stay fit and rejoiced. Exercise

Bollywood Glamour

Huma Qureshi and brother Saqib Saleem come together for Horror film Dobaara

Vishal aaditya kundu

Huma Qureshi and his brother Saqib Saleem are all ready for their first mov

10 Shocking Bolly Celebrities Plastic Surgeries- From Ayesha Takia, Anushka To Rakhi

Rahul Rawat

One of the biggest challenges to stay and live upto to the satiable expecta

Baahubali 2 Trailer - 29 Million Views and Counting!

Vishal aaditya kundu

29 freaking Million views in just 72 hours and still counting. Last time th

Hollywood Glamour

‘Top 10’ Big Celebrities With White Hair


Do you love flaunting style with your hair? Well, who serious fashion freak

Trailers Out; ‘The Promise’ Featuring Power Performance Of Oscar Newton & Christi


Trailers Out; ‘The Promise’ Featuring Power Performance Of Oscar Newton

Actress Zoey Deutch’s Brilliant Lead Performance Seems Dominating ‘Before I Fall'


Well friends, if you may not be familiar with Zoey Deutch and haven’t rea

Hair Style

Hair Spa at Home – 7 DIY Hair Masks You Need to Try Today


A ‘bad hair day’ may not pose a serious threat to women’s health, but

Which Shampoo Is Best For Hair Loss And Dandruff

Juliet Jules

Dry skin is usually periodic. It is most serious during the winter months a

Wanna Grab ‘The Perfect Dashing Guy Look’? Watch Out Singing Sensation Bilal Saee


It’s absolutely stunning, dashing and inspiring, it’s Bilal Seed. He is