About Us

Every two minutes of glamour takes some eight hour of hard work! We understand the value of time and hence we formed us as Style with Glamour to cut down the time and rigorous efforts to keep our 21st century generation updated and entertained every minute every day.

Bringing uniquely the entire gamut of fashion, glamour, entertainment, fitness and wellness at a single mega platform; we are India’s first digital interactive magazine standing for a more standard and glamorous life. As we are born but once! We, at Style with Glamour, are filled with thunderous zeal and passion and this is what inspired us to introduce ourselves in this manner. Since everybody is a style and charm.

We know it’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up to date trends and fashion all together. We are privileged to listen from you, to design you, to stylize you, to make world more glamorous with more and more beautiful people like you.

We love to stylize people and our veins are filled with electrifying zeal and passionate to deliver the same. That’s why presenting the complete dose for men, women and kids from latest Hairstyle, Diet & Health, Holly- Bolly Movies reviews, Celebrity Gossips, Lifestyle, Travel to trendy Top Ten brands and things to do to choose and look up from the list. Our simplistic and attractive platform design gives instant glance to all you need for a standard happier modern life. We are undoubtedly the trend setter by keeping you awared, stylized, glamorized and entertained from dawn to dusk.

We are passionate. We started just recently. We are moving fast.  We rejoice life. We love style and fashion. We are growing. We love beautiful world with beautiful & cheerful people.  We have brought together action and inspiration to adorn your life to the fullest. It’s the platform for everyone and truly it’s a way of modern stylish life and soon going to be the mirror of modern pretty cheered  glamorous life and believe in our motto –‘Live With Fashion, Thrive With Passion’.

Meet the Founder

Every great story begins with a great idea weaved out of a passionate, creative and philanthropist mind. The Founder, AK is herself an icon of beauty, fitness and glamour justifying practice what you preach. She personally scans every article very closely and scissor it out to meet the need of modern stylish and cheerful glamorous lifestyle perfectly. It’s not an exaggeration to say she is the role model for every girl whose beauty is still veiled and needs an inspiration to sprout out.