5 – Minute Exercise For Weight Loss


Now a Days , Most of us are complaining about , not having enough time for Exercise…Going to Gym looks tedious process specially for people in corporate jobs. Punctual Timings at office , makes it even more difficult to maintain and find out time for Workout.But at the same time , maintaining a Balanced Weight , requires time to Exercise.

Research shows , doing simple 5 minute Exercise can make big difference, because Compound Effect always pays off. Simple commitment or discipline results in habit changing and thus boosts confidence.
So the question arises , how much calories should be burn during 5 minute workout session, well it depends upon person to person , although you can burn 20 calories per minute with high intensity workout.

An Intense Workout burn out calories more faster and you can see effects “Afterburn” for upto 48 hours.

Points to keep in mind before starting with 5 minute high intensity workout

– Healthy – Make sure you are Healthy enough to burn Calories vigourously.
– Fitness Level – Make sure you have Good Fitness Level
– After 2-3 sessions , opt for light Dumbells , Medicine Balls etc.

Some of the Best 5 – Minute Workout

– For 1 minute , do these below Exercise , and rest 15 seconds in between
– Burpees
– Jumping Jacks
– Mountain Climbers
– Push -ups
– Running in Place

2 – Perform 12 repetition sets of below each Exercise
– Bicycle Crunches
– Jump Lunges
– Squats
– Push – ups

The Main Point is Consistency along with Healthy Post Workout Nutrition.

– Other Exercises include Jog in Basement , Stairs Climbing , Squats etc.

Try to take atleast 5 minute for your body to burn enough Calories and maintain a Balanced Weight.

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