A Fresh Approach: Bold Care’s New Ad with Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins


Bold Care, a brand focused on sexual health and wellness, recently launched a unique ad campaign starring Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and adult film star Johnny Sins. The campaign, called #TakeBoldCareofHer, has grabbed attention online due to its unconventional style and famous cast.

The ad, created by the Moonshot ad agency and directed by Ayappa KM, takes a funny look at Indian soap operas. It features Singh questioning Johnny’s wife, leading to a surprising twist and a message about men’s sexual health.

Rajat Jadhav, Bold Care’s co-founder, says the ad aims to start conversations about men’s sexual health, which is often not talked about openly. He mentions, “Before our ad, there was very little discussion about men’s sexual health.”

The pairing of Singh and Sins is unexpected but interesting. Singh adds glamour, while Sins’ presence challenges stereotypes and shows that anyone can have sexual health issues.

Although the ad received mixed reviews, with some liking its creativity and others finding it too edgy, it has succeeded in getting people to talk about men’s sexual health. Jadhav explains, “If people are criticizing us for using edgy jokes, they should remember that no one was talking about this issue before.”

After the ad’s release, Ranveer Singh had a chat with Dr. Seema Anand, a sexual health influencer, to discuss men’s sexuality and clear up myths about intimacy. This aimed to educate viewers and promote Bold Care’s products.

Bold Care chose not to spend money on ads but to rely on creative content. This paid off, as the ad went viral. Searches for Bold Care even surpassed those for Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins after the ad’s release.

In summary, Bold Care’s ad with Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins is a fresh and creative take on men’s sexual health. It challenges stereotypes and encourages open discussions. By using humor and a serious message, the ad has raised awareness about a topic that is often avoided, paving the way for more open conversations in the future.

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