Divine Guardians: Unveiling the Indisputable Power of Mothers


“Walked holding your finger, grew up in the shadow of motherly affection. Mother, I am your darling.”

Mother is the one who carries us till 9 months to bring us to life. We come into this world later, but the world that we ensue initially is our mother’s womb. The journey which starts from the implantation of life in that womb is among the incredible wonders of this universe! It’s astonishing how beautifully life starts in a spherical congested area where after almost 280 days; it grows into a full being!

Often we peruse the scriptures and believe that God is the sole creator, but being pragmatic, I tend to believe facts. Perhaps, the creator of the world in palpable form to me is my mama, who dared enough to carry my weight and led me to this world.

I wonder how beautiful this can be to produce a life that resided inside once as a part of yours and has been brought to this world.

The moment we step into this world and open our eyes, we are directed to the arms of our creator, who smiles at us while we weep and steadily overlaps her arms to make us habitual of her presence!

Unlike other material things, her love and care can’t be drafted in this mere write-up. Yet being Mama’s girl, I can’t let go of her care and love unappreciated. Thus, let me take you through her underrated care and selfless acts that let us survive every day.

Each of our lives is inextricably linked to our mothers.

We all have mothers, and we all know them. We adore her; we engage with her, communicate with her, and she answers all of our queries. Even though we constantly beg her to bring us things and play with us, she always obliges us. Sometimes we treat her rudely, reject her, and lose our tempers with her over seemingly insignificant things. Regardless of what happens, she will always remain our friend.

Selfless, eternal affection

If ever I have resonated with the meaning of true love, it has been from my mother’s selfless acts. Throughout her life, despite dire straits, she has made sure to overwhelm me with every single thing that was even beyond her potential. A mother’s love is the closest understanding of how selfless God can be. Her love doesn’t get affected by how we shape up, as she’s the one who chooses us when we fail to choose ourselves

Fears are handled by mothers

Mothers can help us overcome any obstacles or anxieties we may have. She stands as a constant source of strength. I still remember at the time of my first heartbreak; I used to experience bouts of anxiety frequently. The fear of being abandoned gulped me that it took me effort to reach someone. During that time, I saw her struggling between her job and errands yet she gave a tough fight to my fear and made me find my feet. Her love has stood the test of the time.

When in despair, mothers give hope

Even if you can feel helpless, a mother will find out and offer support. One can overcome all of life’s challenges and tribulations by being under the shadow of her upbeat words and optimistic outlook. In addition to these things, moms usually urge their kids to work hard and offer guidance on how to handle life. Not only she builds the foundation, but she also strengthens the roots by passing her legacy of being selfless in our lives.

Regardless of age, a mother’s love and attention are required.

No matter if you are a toddler or a mommy of a toddler, the first word that comes from us is ‘mom’ whenever we experience hurt. Abandoned by the world but being accepted in Mum’s lap feels refreshing. I am in my mid-thirties, and whenever I find myself down in the dumps, I need my mother’s caressing to resume life on track.

Often her endless and unconditional love goes unrequited; honestly, we, on occasions, judge her for being extra cautious and overprotective. But the day we would produce a part of ourselves in this world, we shall be in a better position to comprehend her anxiety and fears. Maybe then we shall be able to epitomize the same love and care to our children.

Before wrapping it up, close your eyes, and before thanking the lord, thank your mother for being there in all the odds, the creator and our God.

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