Does Falling in Love Make You Gain Weight?


The connection between falling in love and gaining weight is influenced by our feelings and how our body reacts.

When we fall in love, it can make us feel happy and fulfilled, but some people also notice they gain weight. This has made us wonder: Is there a link between love and putting on pounds? In this article, we explore this connection, with insights from a psychiatrist who helps us understand the psychological and physical aspects of gaining weight in a relationship.

  • Love Chemicals and Eating:

Falling in love releases chemicals in our brain, like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These chemicals make us feel pleasure and happiness, but they can also affect our appetite. Dr. Lisa Johnson, a psychiatrist, says, “The changes in our brain when we’re in love can make us want to eat more, especially comforting foods.”

  • Shared Meals and Comfort Eating:

In relationships, couples often share meals as part of their bonding experience. Dr. Johnson points out, “Couples enjoy eating together, whether it’s going out or cooking at home. This can lead to eating more calories, especially if comfort foods become a go-to during emotional times.”

  • Changes in Routine and Less Activity:

As relationships progress, couples develop shared routines. While these routines strengthen the bond, they can also make us less active. Dr. Johnson explains, “Couples might spend more time sitting at home, watching TV or doing sedentary activities. This change in lifestyle can contribute to weight gain if it’s not balanced with exercise.”

  • Dealing with Relationship Weight Gain:

Gaining weight in a relationship is normal, but it’s important to handle it in a healthy way. Dr. Johnson emphasizes communication and support. “Couples should be aware of lifestyle changes and encourage each other to stay healthy. This can mean adding physical activities to shared routines, making smart food choices, and supporting each other’s well-being.”

The connection between falling in love and gaining weight is influenced by our feelings and how our body reacts. While being in love is great, it’s also good to be aware of potential weight gain and take steps to stay healthy. Talking openly, supporting each other, and finding a balance between love and a healthy lifestyle can make sure that being in a relationship doesn’t mean sacrificing our physical well-being.

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