“Golden Drops: Rejuvenate Skin and Whiten Teeth”


Owing to our hectic lifestyle of metropolises, our skin bears the harsh treatment of weather, along with which the sun’s exposure escalates the production of melanin, which eventually makes our skin darker.

Attention beauties, nevertheless, the title was enough to make you scroll for the treasure that females have always been looking for. Ever since we got to learn about the concept of beauty, there has been this human instinct that naturally correlates the word with MILKY WHITE.

The moment we begin to explore the fairy tales of Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White gives us endless goals of attaining that flawless, spotless skin tone overnight. However, asking for a Godmother would be too much in our case, so to pacify your keen desire to accomplish Korean glass skin and naturally white teeth; I have curated the queue of some home-available oils which can come to our remedy.

  • Blackcurrant Seed Essential Oil

Commonly known as Munakka, this ingredient comes as a boon for dry and patchy skin. When in oil form, it works the best on treating scars, simultaneously working on wrinkled skin and maintaining radiance.

Usage: A drop or two is enough to provide coverage at night.

Teeth: when eaten in raw form, the Black current seed is known to be rich in calcium and is an excellent supply of calcium, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

  • Argan Essential Oil

Because of how it looks, Moroccan oil or argan oil is often referred to as “liquid gold.” It is a Moroccan product which is also marketed online. This oil can potentially be used for anti- ageing reasons in addition to its many advantages for hair, skin, and skin care. By arresting the melanin, the oil can enhance and work on your natural glow.

Usage: After applying a few drops of this oil, massage your face and neck and leave it overnight.

Teeth: less known but worthwhile, it’s potential to fight bacteria from your mouth by swishing it in a minimal amount.

Grape Seed Essential Oil

This oil, which is made from grapes, works exceptionally well for oily skin. It lessens the occurrence of acne and removes extra oil from your face. In addition to whitening the skin and reducing blemishes, grape seed oil is also useful for skin lightening since it quickly lightens the colour of your skin.

Usage: mixing it with your favourite night creme can help seal the hydration in your skin, while on lazy days; it can solely be used in generous amounts as a mask.

Teeth: A naturally occurring substance that is present in grape seed extract is believed to help strengthen teeth and provide additional support for dental fillings.

Rose essential oil

Ever put your hands on Rosewater? Rose Essential Oil is a finished good unto itself, and it is not necessary to combine it with another component. This lotion also keeps your skin tight and helps to lighten dark spots and acne.

Usage: Simply rub this oil into your face before retiring for the night. Additionally, it helps oily to mixed skin lighten.

Teeth: This oil is frequently used in dental goods since it may freshen your breath and get rid of undesirable odours.

Castor Essential Oil

Apart from inducing hair growth and being inflammatory, it plummets the acne-causing bacteria, fights to age and keeps skin supple. Additionally, it helps whiten skin. In addition to all these advantages, castor oil is useful for decreasing pigments and eliminating oil from open pores. Those with regular skin can use this oil.

Usage: heavier in consistency; this oil should be used after cleansing and does not require an extra layer of moisturiser. It is better when used overnight, as exposure to the sun can cause sunburn.

Teeth: one can remain protected from tooth and root canal infections using castor oil. Stomatitis brought on by dentures, a prevalent issue among the elderly, may benefit from it. These oral health-related disorders are remedied by this oil’s antibacterial and anti- inflammatory characteristics.

Owing to our hectic lifestyle of metropolises, our skin bears the harsh treatment of weather, along with which the sun’s exposure escalates the production of melanin, which eventually makes our skin darker. Likewise, bingeing on junk food and carbonated drinks has made our teeth pale. To cut these implications, prescribed oils are proven remedies and can bring a paradigm shift to your beauty regime.

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