Google removes, and few more from app store due to


Google takes action against Indian apps allegedly violating its policies

Google has recently removed ten well-known Indian apps from its Android Play Store, citing violations of its app billing policy. This action follows warnings given to some app developers last year regarding potential non-compliance.

Apps Removed from Play Store

Among the apps removed are popular brands like,, and 99 acres, along with others such as Kuku FM, Bharat Matrimony, Truly Madly, Quack Quack, Stage, ALTT (Alt Balaji), and two more unnamed apps.

Background and Legal Challenges

The Madras High Court had previously rejected a petition by the app developers, suggesting that the Competition Commission of India (CCI) should determine if Google is devaluing its market position. The Supreme Court has also rejected a request to halt the delisting of these apps but is still reviewing the case.

Google’s Policy and Future Impact

Google claims that Indian app developers have not adhered to its app billing policy for an extended period. This move to remove apps not complying with guidelines raises questions about its impact on the Indian app ecosystem and the steps other developers may take to ensure compliance in the future.

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