Sleeping on the Floor and Drinking Coconut Water – Prime Minister Modi’s Rigorous Preparations for Pran Pratistha – Ram Mandir Ayodhya


In the days leading up to the historic consecration ceremony of the Ayodhya Ram temple on January 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is engaging in a disciplined set of rituals known as the “Yam rules.” These 11 days of preparation involve penance, purification of mind and body through meditation, and adherence to a special “satvik” diet that excludes ingredients such as onion and garlic.

One of the noteworthy practices adopted by the Prime Minister during this period is sleeping on the floor with only a blanket for comfort. Additionally, sources reveal that PM Modi has chosen to sustain himself solely on coconut water, adhering to a regimen that reflects a deep commitment to spiritual and ascetic principles.

The rituals for the temple consecration commenced on January 12 and will culminate with PM Modi performing the puja for the “Pran Pratistha” on January 22. The task of conducting the main rituals of the Pran Prathistha will be undertaken by a team of priests led by Lakshmikant Dixit.

“Pran Pratistha” involves imbuing the idol with divine consciousness, an essential step for every idol worshipped in a temple. The auspicious time for this ceremony is slated for 12:30 pm on January 22, as announced by the temple committee. The sacred Ram Lalla idol, a portrayal of Lord Ram at the age of five, crafted from black stone by sculptor Arun Yogiraj in Mysuru, was transported to the temple the previous night.

A special puja ceremony marked the placement of the idol in the sanctum sanctorum, with the formal installation expected to take place soon, according to Shri Ram Mandir Construction Committee chairperson Nripendra Mishra.

The consecration event is anticipated to be witnessed by over 11,000 guests from various parts of the country and abroad, specially invited by the temple trust. In response to the significance of the occasion, the Central government has declared a half-day closure for all its offices.

In the lead-up to the consecration ceremony, PM Modi has been actively promoting cleanliness drives at temples nationwide. Recently, he personally participated in a “Swachchata Abhiyan” (cleanliness drive) at the Kalaram Temple in Maharashtra’s Nashik, underscoring the importance of maintaining a clean and sacred environment around places of worship.

As the nation eagerly awaits the historic moment of the Ayodhya Ram temple consecration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s adherence to ascetic practices symbolizes his dedication to spiritual values and cultural traditions, creating a deeply resonant connection between leadership and faith.

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