The One Thing to Keep in Your Wallet to Attract Loads of Money


Your wallet might be more powerful than you think when it comes to attracting wealth. While it’s common to think of money as something external to us, the truth is, our mindset and the energy we project can play a significant role in our financial success. One simple item you can keep in your wallet to help attract more money is a citrine crystal.

Citrine is often called the “Merchant’s Stone” or the “Success Stone” for its ability to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. It is believed to carry the power of the sun, bringing light and positivity into your life. Here’s how you can use citrine to enhance your wallet’s money-attracting abilities:

  • Selecting Your Citrine Crystal: Look for a small citrine crystal that fits easily in your wallet. It can be a raw crystal or a polished one, whichever you feel drawn to. It’s important to choose a crystal that resonates with you personally.
  • Cleansing and Charging Your Citrine: Before using your citrine crystal, it’s a good idea to cleanse and charge it. You can do this by placing it under running water for a few minutes or by leaving it in sunlight for a few hours. This helps clear any negative energy the crystal may have absorbed and enhances its positive properties.
  • Placing the Citrine in Your Wallet: Once your citrine is cleansed and charged, place it in your wallet in a way that feels natural to you. Some people like to place it in the main compartment where they keep their money, while others prefer to tuck it into a small pocket or slot. The important thing is to keep it close to your money.

  • Setting Your Intention: As you place the citrine in your wallet, set your intention for attracting more money into your life. You can say a simple affirmation, such as “I attract abundance and prosperity into my life effortlessly” or any other affirmation that resonates with you.
  • Using Your Citrine Daily: To make the most of your citrine crystal, take a moment each day to hold your wallet with the crystal inside and visualize yourself receiving abundance. Feel gratitude for the money you already have and for the money that is on its way to you.

By keeping a citrine crystal in your wallet and incorporating it into your daily routine, you can enhance your money-attracting abilities and invite more wealth into your life. Remember, the key is to stay open to receiving and to maintain a positive mindset.

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