What is Kitty Party ? How it operates ?


In a kitty party, a group of women gather together and contribute a certain amount of money, usually on a regular basis (such as monthly). This money is collected into a “kitty” and is used to purchase prizes or fund activities for the group. The party typically involves games, food, and socializing, and it is a way for the women to come together and have fun in a relaxed setting.

The format of the kitty party can vary depending on the group and the organizer. Some kitty parties include games and activities, such as bingo, card games, or quizzes, while others may focus more on socializing and catching up with friends. Some kitty parties are also used as a way for the group to raise money for charitable causes.

Kitty party can be a good way for the women to bond, make new friends, and have fun together. They are also a way for women to come together and support each other, both emotionally and financially. Some kitty parties are open to new members, while others are closed groups.

In India, kitty parties are considered to be a popular way for women to come together, socialize, and network. They are also a way for women to make new friends and build support systems.

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