80/20 Diet Rule – An Approach To Healthy Eating With Moderation.


The Origin Of 80/20 Diet Rule – The Pareto Principle

In order to understand the 80/20 diet rule you definitely need to know about its origin. Let’s get into that brief first. Lord Pareto was an economist and he observed a peculiar phenomenon in the distribution of wealth in the community. The wealth is concentrated in the hands of few people only and rests of the people are commoner. Later this phenomenon was observed in all walks of life.

Pareto’s law of 80/20 suggests that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. So, according to him 80% of the effects come from 20% of causes, and this Pareto principle can be implemented in most aspects of our lives. Be it your work life or health.

How 80/20 Rule Is Related To Diet

Whenever it comes to our diet we always think of the healthy foods. And this thing has actually forced us to avoid the unhealthy one. Isn’t it difficult? Yes it is. You can’t deny that we all want to have a piece of pizza or a slice of cake or few spoons of ice cream, no matter whatever our health goal is. Well, that’s absolutely fine. End of the day we all are humans, we have emotions and talking about food, yeah that’s the biggest emotion. Okay, control your emotion with 80/20.

According to the 80/20 diet rule 80% of your diet should consist of healthy foods and the rest 20% can be the unhealthy one. It’s that simple. This is the best way that you can be in a healthy diet, while having your favourite foods too. So the thing is you need to arrange your diet in a way that 80% of the calorie should come from the whole foods and 20% of the calorie may come from the cheat ones.

Implementation Of 80/20 Rule In Diet

Since 80/20 diet rule is all about moderation, in order to keep yourself healthy 80% of healthy foods are enough and the rest of 20% unhealthy foods will not affect your health much. But this 80% should be planned properly.

Balancing Your Diet – whatever you are eating as thinking of healthy, it might not benefit your health because you are not balancing it. Balancing in the sense of a balance of carbohydrate, fat and protein. Don’t skip the sources of fat because it is also essential. Plan your diet with rice, egg, fish, chicken and every variety of it.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits – there is no substitute of the fresh, organic foods. Go for the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Remember if you have to gain something, you have to lose as well. So if you want that slice of cake, nourish your body with enough of vegetables first. Secondly don’t forget that fruits and vegetables are the best source of daily required amount of vitamins and minerals which our body lacks in most of the cases.

The Cheat Day – now it’s all up to you whether you want to cheat everyday or only in the weekend. Even if you follow 20% of cheat meal everyday it should be in a restricted way. Don’t binge because that would be the worst result you will end up with. And the suggestion is you can have alu-paratha or even pav-bhaji or whatever but don’t go for the empty calories like soft drinks. It`s upto you now , how to plan your 20%. And lastly there are some people who work out so that they can eat what they want. So, remember that you have the option to burn that 20% and to keep your weight in check.

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