Medicinal Value of 10 Daily Used Spices


We all know that spices add flavor and color to food and make the food palatable. Hence the spices add variety in the diet. But there are certain medicinal value of some specific spices as well.

Here are the medicinal value of the regularly used spices.


Consumption of raw or cooked onion is believed to aid in maintaining normal glucose level.

Onion can lower blood cholesterol, lipid levels and is also helpful in preventing heart diseases.

Onion has antibacterial properties and it is good for flatulence and dysentery.


Chillies contain “Capsaicin” which increases the gastric secretion and this stimulates the digestive system.

It also Controls blood circulation.

Chilies are good for sore throat.

Studies have shown that, “Capsaicin” in chilies, kills pancreatic cancerous cells and thus prevents prostate cancer.


The “Gingerol” present in the ginger act as neutral cough suppressant.

By reducing intestinal contractions ginger inhibits the ‘vomiting Centre’ in the brain. Hence it may also effective in alleviating nausea.

Ginger is good for motion sickness, detoxification, reduces pain in joints and known to possess antioxidant properties.


Extracts of garlic can lower the serum cholesterol levels and prevents heart diseases. Even raw garlic can be consumed, as it is very much helpful in prevention of heart diseases.

Garlic treats various digestive disorder.


Protective factors in turmeric help in detoxifying harmful drugs or chemicals that are converted to toxic metabolites.

By increasing the mucin content in gastric juice, it reduces irritation in stomach.

Turmeric are being used to relieve sore throat, cough and cold.


Fenugreek seeds aid in maintaining the blood glucose levels in non-insulin dependent diabetes.

It is also used with the butter milk for the treatment of dysentery.


Ancient Indian home remedies prescribe pepper as all antidote to cough and chest congestion.

Pepper along with milk used for throat infection.


Cumin seeds contain bio-active substances which increases the levels of anticancer protective enzymes in the body.

It is used as stimulant or carminative agent.


It increases the level of anticancer protective enzymes same as cumin seeds.

Coriander seeds are chewed to correct foul breath.

An infusion of Coriander seeds is used in vomiting and intestinal disorders.


Saffron is used as sedative.

It is also helpful in eye infections.

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