Blood Type Diet, A Diet Customized On Your Blood Group.


What Is Blood Type Diet

Blood type diet is an old concept, and not any new diet that has been discovered recently. But if I’m not wrong many of you hardly had any knowledge about it before. Well, that’s not so unusual, because your diet can be based on your blood group is quiet an uncommon thing, which is beyond imagination. But yes it is.

Blood Type Diet or Blood Group Diet was first invented by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician in 1996. People came to know about this diet in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type. According to him there are specific foods for each blood type, like if your blood group is A, there are certain foods that can be best for the A group people. If you follow this rule, it will be better for you to reach the optimum health status. Even if you are confused with which foods are best for you then just go with the Blood Type Diet. This will definitely help you to keep yourself lean; better to say fat free and along with other health benefits.

Relationship Between ‘Blood Group’ And ‘Diet’

Okay let’s get into the fact that how your blood group is related to your diet. How Blood Group Diet could be beneficial for you.

Firstly, there is a fact that certain blood groups are susceptible to certain diseases. Like ‘A’ blood group people are susceptible to a specific disease but the ‘O’ and ‘B’ blood group people may not be prone to that disease though. Now here is a thing to mention that it’s not these people will never occur that disease, we are talking about the susceptibility.

Suppose ‘O’ blood group are more susceptible to heart diseases, according to that fact their diet is designed in that way so that they can keep themselves away from any cardiovascular diseases.

Secondly, there is a chemical reaction of food with your blood type. So, if your diet is designed according to your blood group you get advantages like improved digestion. Yes, it can boost your digestion process, which ultimately leads to a better health with optimum energy. Also indirectly controls your body weight.

Group ‘O’

– High Protein, especially lean meat, fish and poultry.

– Reduced grains, beans and diary.

Group ‘A’

– Mainly the organic foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, grains and beans.

– No meat.

Group ‘B’

– Eat eggs, meat, veggies, low fat diary.

– Limited chicken.

– Avoid Peanut, sesame seeds, corn, wheat, peanuts, lentil, and tomatoes.

Group ‘AB’

– Eat vegetables, diary, and sea food.

– Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

So, these were the recommendations. Though Blood Type Diet is not scientifically proved by now but it is anyway effective for your health since Dr. Peter D’Adamo has strictly restricted any kind of junk or processed foods from all the groups. But your choice of foods will be certainly limited.

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