Couple Goals for Long term Relationship


The buzz word today for the “Millennials” the so called generation Y or Gen Y is Couple goals, We see there is a lot of fad for having the best couple goals and couples today talk about the weirdest of things that they can do together starting from having a tech free week to kissing in public to participating in marathons together to even following a low calorie diet regime together..

Lets understand in detail what couple goals exactly mean, the word goal means something that you aim to achieve and we need to clearly differentiate between target and goal, Target is the numeric quantification or the task that you need to do to achieve your goal for example if a couple makes the goal to travel the entire Europe then they need a do a bit of quantification for example they need to make a list of  countries they are targeting in Europe and then they need to break this down to narrow segments like 3 countries in a year, it will help them achieve their travel goal in 3 years. So this sort of planning and strategizing for the achievement of the goal will really help them to achieve their goal.

Lets just go through some of the couple goals that can help us sustain long term relationships :  

1) Reading a Book Together : This might sound to be a very boring and monotonous activity or a goal, although this will eventually turn out to be the best thing a couple can do together as books give us the best knowledge on any subject, this does not mean that we need to read books to increase our vocab , it simply means staying connected with each other and learning from each other, just discussing the key points and takeaways after the reading activity is over will surely increase the intellectual bond between the partners and also the compatibility level will increase, they will be able to read real life situations together in a better way and come out with conclusive solution very quickly to tackle any problem that’s why this goal is considered to be the most fruitful goal that a couple should aim to achieve. The synthesis between the couple could be such that they can plan to read a book in one month or one day or one page in a day, it really depends on the interest level of the couple towards reading but reading together should be a part of the checklist of any couple goals discussion.

2) Praying Together : Again this seems to be a very conventional, outdated goal for the so-called Gen Y and rather considered to be a good goal for the older couple but that’s not true, older people have good experience of life and they know how to sustain their relationships. Lets understand what praying together means and what it actually does, we live in a center field called energy and everything around us has two kinds of energies. It is either negative or positive, so when we pray together we create a spectrum around us like a circle which protects us from all the negativity and thus helps us to remain positive in each other’s company , there is a saying “ A couple that prays together stays together”, Praying doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to  start singing bhajans or hymns together, it means you can do breathing exercises together just to create the balance and attract the sense of positive energy or you can do yoga together or practice mindfulness, there are a lot of apps that can help you to achieve this couple goal, Also you can go to a park early morning hold each other’s hand and think positive about each other, this is also a sort of praying together or you can opt out to go to a gurdwara together or a temple, the task entirely depends on the couple and how they want to achieve this goal, Its like whatever floats their boats they should do that in regardings to forming this goal. The segregation of  this goal again depends on the couple how they want to achieve this goal , praying once a week, praying daily, it all depends on the interest and the spiritual connection and bond they share as a couple but this activity should be a part of your couple goal.

3) Cooking Together : There is saying ”we are what we eat” , nutritious food brings the energy and balance in the human body , on the contrary unhealthy fried food creates a lot of disturbance inside the mind,body and soul of a person. So this could be a very good goal to cook healthy food together and trying out new healthy cuisines. This activity will again increase the coordination between the couple as this activity requires a sync  in terms of who will cut vegetables or who will clean the leftover stuff.

4) Travel Goals : Yes travelling together is the most beautiful activity or a goal which a couple can pursue, Travelling broadens one’s perspective to life and it opens up new possibilities and horizons , Traveling breaks the usual monotony of life and helps in the discovery of a newer version of the couple , it gives a chance to do a lot many activities together like exploring new places, understanding new cultures, eating new cuisines and most importantly understanding each other in a different way, that’s why travel goals are the most important goals to form.

5) Buying Your Dream House : This goal will definitelybring financial sensibility to the couple’s life, they would start calculating the value of activities they do together and will sacrifice some of the useless activities that they do by over spending, achieving this goal is a very involving journey in itself and the couple will develop an unbreakable bond once this goal is achieved.

There are some other small couple goals like doing some creative activities together like joining a salsa class or going to the gym together or cycling together early morning or going for swimming class and all these activities will bring a sense of affection towards each that’s why these activities should also remain in the list of couple goals.

6) Growth Oriented Goals : As partners the goals should be aligned in such a way that it leads to development of each other as human beings, in this the goal of motivating each other through positive discussions comes, It also includes helping each other overcoming their bad habits, for example if a guy in a relationship drinks too often, they can form a goal where in they would help each other by adopting techniques which will help the husband to curb down on his drinking habits. One more example of a growth oriented goal would tbe helping each other in stressful times for example if a girl is involved in some big office project , the guy can take the responsibility of cooking for that week to so that the girl can grow professionally or either ways, In a nutshell the conclusion is such the thought process of the partners should get framed in such a way that they start creating growth oriented goals for long term sustainable relationships.

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