Why to include Blackberries in your daily Diet ?


Nowadays, when we see a larger outcry for eating healthy food, the first word that comes to our mind is “Immunity”. We need to eat something which can build our immunity and save us from various diseases, the solution that everybody proposes is to take vitamin C tablets but is taking Vitamin C tablets the real solution for building immunity. The answer is ”NO” , if we go according to our ancient science and ayurveda, the food that we eat is divided into three categories which is Satvik,Rajsik and Tamsik.

Satvik food is something which gives us happiness, builds our mood and gives us energy and is directly extracted from Mother Nature

Rajsik food is something which enlightens our taste buds and gives us momentary happiness

Tamsik food  is something which is stale and lost its colour.

Now the question where can we find good immunity boosting Satvik food, the answer is we need to include blackberries in our diet and throw away our Vitamin C tablets

Lets understand some of the health Benefits of eating blackberries :

1) Natural Immunity Booster : Blackberries are full of Vitamin C and Vitamin K which strengthens the response of our bodies to fight against diseases like cold, cough and flu.The health benefits of taking Vitamin  C through blackberries are numerous like absorption of iron in the body which helps us in making hemoglobin and thus oxygen reaches every part of our body

2) Mood Uplifters : Blackberries are known to carry molecules that helps us to release toxins from the body and thus eating blackberries leads to formation of anti depressant compounds in the brain which help us feel good and boost our brain health.

3) Rich Source Of Fiber :The world today is talking about increasing the protein content of the body and achieving the so called “carb free diet” but no one is emphasizing on increasing the fiber content of the body as a result we see fiber deficiency in everyone which leads to inflammation in the body and impacts our gut health.Blackerries are full of fiber content and hence help us to achieve a proper balanced meal rich in nutrients like fiber.

4) Blackberries have Magnesium and Potassium : Magnesium and potassium are known to act as two major golden compounds to give us a disease free life.Magnesium helps in the regulation of the nervous system whereas potassium helps us in maintaining the sodium balance of the body so that the body can function effectively.

5) Blackberries Contain Antioxidants : Blackberries are known to carry antioxidants which can lower our oxidative stress which is very important for the effective functioning of our heart, Also blackberries are known to have polyphenols which are a specific type of antioxidants that benefit the body by fighting against harmful agents like ultraviolet rays and radiation.

Did we ever wonder such a satvik food called blackberries can act as a nectar for our body to build our immunity. I hope after reading the benefits of eating blackberries, they will become an integral part of our diet

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