Does It Worth To Have A Dietitian For Yourself ?


Okay, before coming to the point that whether or why you require a dietitian, I would like to share some bitter truth. In most of the Indian states, people don’t even value a dietitian probably because they hardly know why they do need a dietitian. Secondly, people are so negligent when it comes to diet. Well, all I could say is your diet is something that has very vital role to play in healthy living.

Now there come the people who know it all. They know what to eat, what to not, what is healthy for them and all. But what they don’t know is what would be the role of a dietitian in planning their meals; rather what would be their benefits. And here we go. Feel free to decide how much it is worth to have a dietitian for yourself.

Not So Reliable Online Infos

Not all the Informations that you relied on, is appropriate, how would you judge that. Even though the information may be all right, but it’s just you who is inappropriate for it. Here is to clarify you more, say you got a weight loss plan but you have blood sugar, how would modify it now? Why not a consult a dietitian then?

Loss Weight in Your Customized Way

You know surprisingly some people think a diet chart is meant to be for weight loss. Yes, this is what my experience says. But definitely the increasing rate of weight gain is something that is making people aware about their diets. You can calculate your calorie requirement, and how much to reduce to lose weight. But it comes to the menu planning when you require your dietitian. How much to eat, when to eat everything is so essential for weight loss you know. And most of the online menu will lead you to drastic weight loss, which has huge side effects.

Why to Avoid Your Favourite Food

It is only your dietitian who would allow your cheat meals or a cheat day may be. It’s all about balance, you don’t really you know whether your diet allows for a slice of pizza, an ice cream or a glass of wine. Your dietitian will take care of your taste bud too.

Keep It Economical

What your online diet chart suggests you to eat may not be affordable for you. And your dietitians have all the alternatives. Like you don’t need to go for chicken or fish where you have an option for egg. Egg is not only essential source of protein but also it has highest biological value because of the packed nutrients. And to meet your protein level you could hardly imagine how protein soybean and lentils have.

What’s Really Healthy for You?

May be you know which foods are healthy. But which one is healthy for you? What are you lacking? Calcium? Vitamin-A or D? Why? For example fruits are healthy anyway we all know that. But which fruits to avoid if you have high blood sugar? And again what could be the replacement.

Being Your Motivation to Mental Support

Once you communicate with a dietitian you gonna feel my statement. Tell them what you do like to eat, in which foods you have allergy. Trust me there is no one like a dietitian who can customize a diet chart for you. And the motivational part is they can explain you modification behind your diet. Like obese people are said to be in a protein rich diet, because protein takes the longest time for digestion and hence reduces your pangs of hunger.

The Other Issues

I mentioned about weight loss, but there are several other health statuses to be considered. Like under weight, pregnancy, blood sugar, cardiovascular disease, renal problem these all need special concern in your diet, special concern of your dietitian.

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