“Google Pay Waves Goodbye to the US: A Shift to Google Wallet Looms”


Google Pay, a popular payment app, will no longer be available in the United States after June 4, 2024. Users are advised to switch to Google Wallet instead. This change means that features like peer-to-peer payments, finding deals, and managing balances will no longer be accessible through the app. However, Google Pay will continue to be available in other countries like India and Singapore.

Google Wallet, the replacement for Google Pay, is used more frequently in the US and offers services like storing payment cards, transport passes, and IDs. Users with a balance in their Google Pay app should transfer the funds to a bank account before June 4. In the future, finding deals will be integrated into Google Search, with a dedicated Deals section for US users.

Overall, while the Google Pay app will no longer be available in the US, users can still use Google Wallet for their payment needs. Google is working to make this transition smooth for its users and ensure that they can still find great deals through Google Search.

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