How to prepare for CUET 2023 ?


CUET, or the Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology admission test, is an important exam for students seeking admission to undergraduate engineering programs at CUET. Here are some tips for preparing for CUET:

  1. Understand the exam format: CUET exam format typically consists of multiple-choice questions, and you will have to answer questions from physics, chemistry, mathematics, and English.
  2. Create a study plan: It’s essential to create a study plan and stick to it. Make sure to allocate enough time for each subject and cover all the topics mentioned in the syllabus.
  3. Practice previous year’s question papers: Practicing previous year’s question papers can help you understand the exam pattern, difficulty level, and the type of questions asked.
  4. Improve your time management skills: CUET exam has a time limit, and you need to answer a lot of questions in a short period. Therefore, practice solving questions under time pressure to improve your speed and accuracy.
  5. Focus on your weak areas: Identify your weak areas and work on them. Make sure to practice more questions from those areas and seek help from teachers or peers if required.
  6. Stay updated with current affairs: Stay updated with the latest news and current affairs. Questions related to science and technology, general knowledge, and current affairs are often asked in the CUET exam.
  7. Take care of your health: Ensure that you take care of your physical and mental health during the preparation phase. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and take breaks in between study sessions to avoid burnout.

Remember to stay calm and focused during the exam, and don’t panic if you face any difficult questions. With proper preparation and practice, you can ace the CUET exam.

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