How to travel with Girlfriend without spending a Penny.


Are you planning a trip with your girlfriend? But, most people find traveling difficult with money constraints. So, how to travel with gf without money? Or is it really possible? Well, you can! It is a major misconception that you can enjoy seeing sights around the world only by shelling out money. You and your girlfriend have several options to make a trip without spending a penny. Several schemes and bonuses allow you to make a trip free of cost. You just need to access the right method. It will help you see several countries without paying money. Sounds too good? Read ahead to know the different methods:

Free Flights

The first and foremost concern is your air tickets. Most of the flights cost high when you plan to travel with a companion. So, how can you avoid it? Earn free flights! One of the easiest and effective methods to fly without money. You can sign up of the different travel credit cards. It will help you collect miles. Once you reach the suggested miles, you can redeem it to get free tickets for you and your girlfriend. Most of the card offers you sign up bonus. You can increase the points by signing a general reward card. So, when you combine both the airline card as well as the general reward cards, you can attain your goal faster. It is the fastest method to collect the precious points to make your travel free of cost.


People wondering how to travel with gf without money can use the service to make the dream trip without spending a penny. Couch surf connects you with the locals of the destination you wish to travel. The locals are the ones who allow you and your girlfriend to stay at their location for free. It is the site that offers you free accommodation to enjoy the sights of the beautiful place.

Walking Tour

Want to see the different attractions in the city and learn more about it without spending money? Then, you can take the walking tour. It is the service available in the majority of the European countries. It is also available in New Zealand, Australia, New York, and large Asian cities.


Wondering how to travel with gf without money? You can work on the farm along with your girlfriend to get free room and boarding. It also allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The free service can cover everything once you reach the farm.


It is a community based on honest relationships and collaboration to make travel more accessible. You can connect with people who provide you with accommodation in exchange for your skills. So, you can connect with hosts all over the world who provide you shelter in exchange for your specific skills.

When you have no money with you fund a trip, you drop the idea. But, it is fairly easy to travel without spending money. You will find several answers to the question of how to travel with gf without money by browsing different options. Several people have tried and tested the methods to make their travel without money. You can use the resources, human connection, and adopt the earthy way of living to make your travel a memorable experience.

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