Hunk water – A Sahil Khan Brand. See How Drinking This Water Could Make You The Healthiest Ever.


As we mentioned earlier Sahil Khan is a firm believer of being health freak rather than being fitness freak. It’s quite obvious that not everyone could build a body like Sahil, but what we can concentrate on is being healthy. Let’s become the healthiest version of yourself with Hunk Water!

Hunk Water is one of the best fitness waters, promoted by Sahil Khan and many others. Definitely it’s a great choice for your health, and here we are to let you know why.

Water is something which is easily available to us; also people are not so bothered about the type of water they drink. This is because they have now various options to filter the water. And they think once it is filtered it becomes healthy to them. But there is more you need to know!

75% of human body consists of water and keeping your body hydrated is the most important thing for healthy living. There are several advantages of drinking water and the major one is that, it carries nutrients to the cells and flushes out the toxins. That’s how it controls your daily living.

What’s The Difference between Normal Water and Hunk Water?

The normal filtered water is mostly free from impurities. At some point it is added with mineral as well. But talking about Hunk Water it is composed of Alkaline, Anti-oxidant and Rich in Minerals.

The pH level of the water plays a great role in your body, the more it is alkaline the more it is healthy. That is the first point to be considered.

Next the anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidant is something which is not being naturally produced in our body, yet an important component that human body requires for healthy living. We generally rely on the food sources of anti-oxidant, but Hunk water could be a pure source of anti-oxidant for you. Anti-oxidant removes the free radicals from the human body and water is essential to remove the toxins from body. Now if you can get the anti-oxidants from water that would be the healthiest possible option ever.

And talking about minerals Hunk water is an amazing source of all the micro nutrients in required amount.

Now all these three points could be life changing, as these are the basic for healthy living starting from the pH balance to anti-oxidant. Even you can avoid a lot of disease be it cardiovascular or cancer.

Things You Need To Know About Hunk Water

Hunk Water is produced through electrolysis process. It separates the hydrogen and oxygen. Then adds electron to the hydrogen which results in the formation of the molecule Diatomic Molecular Hydrogen Gas. This gas is the source of anti-oxidant in Hunk Water.

Also you can take in some electrolytes without significant additional carbohydrate or calories.

Studies have shown that those who drink fitness water there is a substantial increase in their antioxidant enzymes and a massive decrease in acid in the urine. Also there is significant increase in

HDL the good cholesterol, and a significant decrease in LDL the bad cholesterol.

Hunk Water Price – 9.83/ lt.

Shelf Life of Hunk Water – 6 Months.

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