IV Therapy ? Vitamin Drip for Wellness


What is IV Therapy ?

Intravenous Vitamin Drip is a best way to deliver nutrients , vitamins and medications diectly to blood stream for amazing results.

For glowing skin , rehydrating cellular cells , for boosting stamina and for recovering from surgery or immunity boost , IV infusion is what`s to choose for wellness.

Benefits of IV Therapy

  • Instant Hydration
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Flush out toxins
  • vitamin absorption
  • improves skin health

How it Works ?

Step 1

IV drip is injected into arm`s vein.

Step 2

For smoother Insertion , it is recommended to intake loads of fluid or liquids.

Step 3

The therapist will hang the bag of drip on a pole and hook it with IV line.

Top view portrait of blonde Caucasian pretty female in white plush bathrobe sitting in style chair while receiving treatment vitamin drip in medicine clinic

Step 4

When liquid is infused in the arm , the person will feel little cold and little tingling effect or sensation in the arm.

Step 5

Time taken to complete IV drip process is usually 15-30 minutes

Step 6

Once done , the IV will be removed and the small area with be covered with bandage.

Step 7

The effect of IV lasts for about 7 days to longer

These Vitamin drips are avaliable –

  • Beauty

for glowing radiant and healthy skin.

  • Radiance

for instant glow with essential minerals and vitamins

  • Youth Builder IV

for promoting health and prolonging lifespan , coenzyme – an anti ageing molecule plays an important role , which is necessary to be infused

  • Mastered Myers Cocktail

for normal functioning of nerves & muscles , and for increasing metabolism , essential vitamins are necessary to help body recover from cold , cough and other allergies.

  • Hydration

Water is an essential ingredient for human body , hydration is really necessary.

  • Heavy Hairs

Everyone knows importance of hairs to boost up confidence level and for self care.

  • Hangover Cure

For curing hangovers , due to dehydration and excessive level of alcohol consumption.

  • Pre – Post Recovery Drip

for healing human body and micronutrients deficiency , poor diet , this is a solution.

  • Mens & Women`s Health

for coping with periods pain and irritability , to intensive workout routines and traveling , to encourage both mens & womens lifestyle , this is an excellent option.


Impact of these drips , starts from first session itself , but long lasting effects needs weekly infusions.

Side Effects

The side effects rarely happens but some cases have

  • Bruising or bleeding at IV site
  • chest or stomact concerns
  • Bloating
  • warming or cooling sensations at chest

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