Liquid Nitrogen Desserts And Foods Are Trending, But Is It Safe For Your Health?


First of all let’s have a quick understanding of Liquid Nitrogen. It’s nothing but nitrogen in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature. And liquid nitrogen has been related to the foods since ages in relation to the immersion, freezing and transportation of the food products. But what’s new thing, is the use of liquid nitrogen in making ice-cream or may be other desserts. Well, we need to know first that why they use liquid nitrogen in such way.

Why Liquid Nitrogen IS Being Used In Culinary Arts

It was first mentioned in an 1890 in a recipe book Mrs. Agnes Marshall but has been employed in more recent times by restaurants in the preparation of frozen desserts, such as ice cream, which can be created within moments at the table because of the speed at which it cools food. The rapidity of chilling also leads to the formation of smaller ice crystals, which provides the dessert with a smoother texture.

Liquid nitrogen has also become popular in the preparation of Cocktails because it can be used to quickly chill glasses or freeze ingredients.

It is also added to drinks to create a smoky effect, which occurs as tiny droplets of the liquid nitrogen come into contact with the surrounding air, condensing the vapour that is naturally present.

Now the question is it safe for our health? Undoubtedly, we all go with the flow but when it comes to affecting our health, do not consume just because it’s tending or well promoted by the companies.

Why Liquid Nitrogen Could Be Bad For Your Health

According to research it says as no-one would drink boiling water or oil, or pour it over themselves, no-one should ingest liquid nitrogen as well. It is also essential that all the liquid has evaporated before any food or drink that has been prepared with liquid nitrogen is used. But why so, right?

Firstly, the vapour that arises from liquid nitrogen may cause damage to your skin, which may lead you to dermatologist. Even it can damage your whole body if swallowed. So, if you are consuming liquid nitrogen you need be cautious because you can end up with a hole in your stomach or damaging it whole.

Secondly, inhalation of liquid nitrogen may cause suffocation. Medically it is termed as asphyxia a condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen, causing unconsciousness or death.

Thirdly, make sure that you avoid any direct eye contact. If by any chance liquid nitrogen splashes in your eyes, it would damage your cornea.

Last but not the least, that there are several precautions of having desserts or ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen. Like using a bamboo stick to eat or not eating the end of the cup, these are to be mentioned by the seller. Now if you don’t or can’t follow the instructions properly it may cause gastrectomy that is the surgical removal of a part or the whole of the stomach.

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