Now Pay With Your Palm With Amazon One


Pay with your palm” refers to a biometric payment system that allows customers to make transactions using the unique patterns on their palm as identification. This type of payment is designed to be quick, secure, and convenient, as the palm scan can replace traditional forms of payment such as cash, credit cards, or identification.

The Palm Recognition Payment service from Amazon , is now avaliable as a standalone payment at few Amazon Stores.

Customers will be able to pay for their groceries by holding out their palm, with 18 Amazon one devices already read to go.

How it works ?

The service works by recording a user`s palm signature , which is a unique identifier , and encrypting and sending it to secure cloud area where the signature is created and then the buyer can purchase or pay bill via palm biometrics.


1- You need to sign up at Amazon One Kiosk

2 – Need to insert Credit card

3- The machine will scan both your palms for biometrics

4- Enter Mobile Number

5- Accept all Terms & Conditions

6 – Select items and pay with your palm at cashier desk.

What do you think about this new technology ?

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