Sunny Leone’s Chica Loca Restaurant in Noida


Restaurants are a favorite investment for Bollywood stars, and Sunny Leone, known for her entrepreneurial ventures, has joined the trend with her new restaurant in Noida. Choosing Noida might seem surprising, but it’s a smart move, tapping into a new market in Delhi-NCR, serving both city-goers and those from nearby towns like Agra. Let’s move beyond the location and look at what Chica Loca offers.

The Ambiance
Chica Loca boasts luxurious interiors with purple, gold, and black accents. The space is designed for a peaceful lunch or a lively evening of dancing and performances, making it a versatile choice.

The Menu
The menu is vast, offering a blend of Indian, Asian, European, and Italian cuisines. Inspired by Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber’s experiences, it features dishes from Leone’s Punjabi heritage to the burgers their kids enjoy in California. The menu reflects their interests and quirks, including Leone’s love for vegetarian dishes, with plenty of vegetarian options available.

Must-Try Dishes
Some standout dishes include avocado chat papdi, Asian chili burrata salad, dahi ke kebab, chargrilled broccoli parmigiana, cream cheese dumpling, and four cheese malai tikka. The butter chicken gujia, butter chicken waffle, and Japanese salmon wasabi pizza are also highly recommended.

The Bar
The bar menu is equally impressive, with creative concoctions like You Do You, a truffle-infused whiskey with chocolate and banana, and Sunsunny News, a G&T made with rose and coffee. Traditional options like Tiki Tiki Bang Bang and Secrets are also available for those who prefer classic cocktails.

Chica Loca excels in hospitality, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff is attentive and eager to ensure guests enjoy their experience, making it a delightful place to dine.

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