“Unveiling the Future of Home Entertainment: LG Signature OLED T Takes Center Stage as the Epitome of Innovation at CES 2024”


The best TV at the show is the LG Signature OLED T. It stands out by turning a transparent screen into a practical and desirable item for everyday use. While it may not have the absolute best picture quality at CES, that’s not the main focus. The TV combines features from LG’s innovative rollable TV, wireless 4K HDR 120Hz streaming technology, and a clear 4K OLED panel.

It’s designed as a piece of furniture, elevating it to a lifestyle object. The TV can display partially transparent video or function as a regular TV with the expected OLED contrast, thanks to a contrast-boosting layer that rises from the base.

Other notable features include powerful built-in sound and a clutter-free setup with a cutting-edge wireless connection box. Overall, it offers a unique and unprecedented viewing experience among the best TVs available.

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