Why two times bathe is more beneficial than normal bathe during summer?


No doubt,Bathing is a routine activity for everyone.Daily bath remove dirt & impurities from body.But in summer season one time bath is not enough for your body.In summer season you need high quantity of water for both internal & external health.During summer season two time bath is very essential because the external temperature rises, creating heat and oilyness.

So we are going to tell why two time bathe is so important for your body & soul during summer season –

1. Two time bathe detoxity your body impurities and dirt  very fast.

2. During summer season excess temperature increase body heat that cause many health disorders like nose bleeding,indigestion,heat strokes etc .When you bath twice a day you can let out the heat.

3. Dirt & pollution blocks your skin pores.Blocked pores do not allow your skin to breathe.It also leads many infections.Bathing opens blocked pores easily.

4. Bathing relax your muscles & mind.Bathing is a good activity for stress free life.More bathing improves your mood & happiness.

5.If you bathing two to three time daily it cures from depression.

6. In summer season high temperature raise your anger level.Anger give huge loses in any term like health.financial,family,relationship etc.So try and improve your bathing activity.

7.Twice bathing gives you a burst of energy.

8. In summer more bathing improves beauty.All dirt can easily be removed easily from your skin & scalp.

9. Research report tell heat kills white blood cell.So increase bathing activity for improvement in white blood cell.

10. Immunity power is also affected by high temperature in summer.Twice time bathing improves your immunity power.

11. Good bathing habit improves blood circulation.

12.For athletes, summer season is a survival season because high temperature gives huge losses.For Sports person & athlete two to three time bathing is very important to regenerate the muscles & body.

13.Summer season creates smelly body odour because of excess sweating, so to get rid of the body odour, it is necessary to bathe twice.

14. Eyes tend to get itchy , red and catch infection, due to excessive heat outside and dirt .Bathing twice provide coolness to eyes.

15.During summer season, pain like body pain, headache and joint pains are very common , so to get rid

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