Ayurvedic Cleanse Diet, Simplest Way To Detoxify Your Body.


Detoxification needs major concern, but sadly very few are concerned. Well, it needs to be clarified here that human body can hardly detoxify itself. Hence, it requires your initiative to clean the toxins that your body is producing every day. And to live healthy and better, Detoxification is a must. And for that there is no substitute for Ayurvedic Cleanse Diet. Let’s get into the brief.

Ayurvedic Cleanse Diet – What’s It?

This cleansing diet is an important part of ayurveda. As a typical definition of ayurveda, it is the traditional Hindu system of medicine which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. That’s where ayurvedic cleanse diet can be a recycle process of your body that can lead to healthy living. And that healthy living can be in forms of –

1. Keeps body weight in control.

2. Definitely cleans the digestive system.

3. Improves immunity level.

4. Makes your skin glowing, slows down the aging.

5. Improves concentration, gives a better perspective to the life, it can be spiritual or mental.

6. Works on anxiety, can reduce the stress level, and relaxes your body.

7. Prevents insomnia.

8. Gets you relief from constipation.

First Stage – The Preparation

This is where you need to prepare yourself for the cleaning process. There would be a change in your diet as well as in the lifestyle. Choose the cleansing phase keeping that in your mind. These phases could be of 3 days, 9 days, 15 days or 21 days.

Second Stage – Active cleansing

This is where the cleansing process starts actually. It’s about having Kitchari diet and enough of fluid consumption in a day.

Third Stage – Reintroduction

This is the stage where you need to start incorporating the other foods again. Initially start with the simple and easily digestible foods.

The Kitchari Diet

Kitchari Diet as the name suggests, a diet consists of Khichdi only. Undoubtedly, Khichdi is a great

balanced diet. Make your Khichdi meal with rice, dal, vegetables, spices and refined oil or butter. You can use Dalia instead of rice. Isn’t it the simplest to make? Okay, this is going to be the only solid meal that you would have throughout the cleansing process.

No Unhealthy Snacks, Only The Healthy One.

Remember your snacks can be a source of toxins as well as weight gain, unless it is the healthy one. Completely avoid those unhealthy snacks. But here’s a thing that you should consider do not starve yourself. There are hundreds of foods that can satisfy your cravings without affecting your health. Have a plate of salad, a glass of lassi, freshly prepared juices from fruits or vegetables, boiled chana, or upma, like there are many.

Warm Water And Tea

Green tea is a great detoxifier, definitely well known. But you can’t have coffee, better to mention the caffeine. Have enough water throughout the day. Plenty of warm water not only helps in detoxification but also, keeps your body hydrated.


Start your day with Triphala and end it as well. If you are having Triphala tablets then take 1 tablet in the morning and one after dinner. Or else you can have ½ tsp of Triphala powder each a time.

Oil Massage

This massage has to be a self massage with warm oil. This is an essential part of ayurvedic cleanse. Now the question why the self massage? Well, it stimulates the removal of toxins. And warm oil can be soothing to your body cells.

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