Don`t let robots steal your job , learn & fight back


With the rise of AI based tools & technology , many people are going to lose their jobs in next couple of years for sure. In today`s World , it is crucial for both & individuals to survive and thrive and learn new things for future.

As the Chatgpt and many other AI tools advances , the urge to learn new things are compulsory to adapt in near future.

However with adapting the steps below , the distruptions these AI will caused , can be curbed to an extent , so that individuals & organisations can stay relevant.

Experts predict AI could displace 80 millions job by 2025. It`s better to learn new things to safeguard your career against rapid technological advancement.

Few points as to how adapting is the key to surviving the AI revolution –

  • New Job Roles

To secure employment , acquiring new skills that align with emerging jobs are necessary to adapt , this will make individuals positioned in better places.

  • Improved Efficiency

AI tools can automate tasks , which can be of great use specially for businesses to grow. Adapting top AI technology can lead to increased efficiency , reduced cost and increased profitablity.

  • Competitive Advantage

By adapting AI technology , companies can improve customer base , develop better & innovative products and can develop the target marketing for growth.

  • LifeLong Learning

Continuosly learning & acquiring new skills to stay relevant & competitive in am AI driven world.

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence & creativity

Develop EQ and creativity to generate unique ideas that AI cannot replicate

  • Collaborate with AI driven tools

Strengthen your critical thinking skills & learn to collaborate with AI driven technology.

  • Pursue AI related careers

Consider AI development careers , like data science or machine learning to ensure ethical implementation.

In conclusion , to survive in the world of future requires new skills , research , up to date with tools & technologies to achieve long term success.

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