Facts & Gifts for Lohri Celebration


Lohri is a festival celebrated primarily in the northern regions of India, and particularly popular in the state of Punjab. The festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of the harvesting season. Lohri is typically celebrated on the 13th of January, the night before Makar Sankranti, which is celebrated on January 14th.

Some facts about Lohri include:

  1. Lohri is celebrated in honor of the Hindu god of fire, Agni.
  2. Lohri is a festival that is celebrated by lighting a bonfire and performing a traditional Lohri song and dance around it.
  3. People usually gather around the bonfire, sing and dance, and eat traditional food such as sesame seeds, popcorn, and sweets made from jaggery, rewri and gachak.
  4. Lohri is also considered as a harvest festival, as it marks the end of the winter crop season and the beginning of the new harvest season.
  5. The festival is traditionally celebrated by the farmers and agricultural workers in the region, but it has now become a widespread festival that is celebrated by people of all professions and backgrounds.
  6. Lohri is also celebrated in Punjabi diaspora communities around the world, such as in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.
  7. Lohri is also celebrated as a festival of fertility and new beginnings and that is why it is traditionaly also considered as a wedding season
  8. In some regions, Lohri is also celebrated as the birthday of the god-king Dulla Bhatti, a Punjabi folk hero who is said to have protected and helped the poor during the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar.
  9. Overall, Lohri is a joyous and colorful festival that brings people together to celebrate the end of winter and the start of a new agricultural season.

There are many traditional and modern gifts that can be given during the Lohri festival. Some popular gift ideas include:

  1. Sweets and Snacks: Sweets such as gajak, rewri, and gur-based sweets, and savory snacks such as mathri and dal moth, are traditional gifts that are often given during Lohri. These gifts are a symbol of the harvest and the abundance of the coming year.
  2. Clothes: New clothes, particularly traditional Punjabi attire, are a popular gift to give during Lohri. Giving someone new clothes is a sign of wishing them good luck and prosperity in the new year.
  3. Jewelry: Jewelry is also a traditional gift to give during Lohri. Gold and silver jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, are popular choices.
  4. Home Decor: Home decor items such as traditional Punjabi paintings, wall hangings, and lamps are also popular gifts to give during Lohri.
  5. Books: Books on Punjabi culture, history, and literature, or fiction/non fiction that help someone to better understand the culture are also a great gift option, specially for someone who is not from Punjabi origin.
  6. Dry fruits: Dry fruits, especially almonds, cashews, and pistachios, are popular gifts to give during Lohri. These gifts are a symbol of good health and wellness in the coming year.
  7. Bamboo: In some regions, people also give bamboo tree saplings as a gift, it is considered as a symbol of luck and growth.
  8. Gift cards: If you are unsure what to give, you can also give a gift card from a store, restaurant, or online retailer, this way the person can choose what they would like to buy.
  9. Overall, the best gift to give during Lohri is one that comes from the heart and is given with love and good wishes for the person’s health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year.

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