Is Smoking Weed Healthy? 8 Interesting Marijuana Health Facts


There has been some interesting stories behind marijuana smoking around the globe. While some term it to be unhealthy, while a few call it magic source, a healer of many problems. 

There hasn’t been any proven study which probes that smoking weed or kill you or is as bad as tobacco.

Marijuana is being used to treat many problems since ages, but does it actually have some good benefits?

Today we are getting deep into the roots to find out whether smoking weed or eating marijuana has some positive benefits or not.

Is it just a hype to be high? Or there are some actual results available. We aren’t going into the debate whether you should smoke or not, these are just some interesting facts about marijuana.

1. Can You Get Addicted To Marijuana?

Yeah, chances are high. 10 percent of all pot smokers become addicted, but you need to smoke quite a few. Though, if smoke moderately, chances are you will not get addicted.

It does take control and addicts can’t stop using it.

2. Does Marijuana Smoking Cause Hangovers?

Yes and no both. It varies from individual to individual. Some do face it, and some don’t. Many pot smokers experience anxiety or become afraid or get panicked. Some complain that smoking weed makes you paranoid or lose touch with reality.

You may experience things which aren’t happening, you hear or see things that aren’t there for real.

3. Does Marijuana Cause Cancer?

It’s yet to be proven clinically whether smoking marijuana causes cancer or not. Researchers are yet to confirm it, and still many haven’t found any links between smoking weed and cancer. 

Smoking pot directly affects lung, head and neck, but only some of the data suggests that heavy marijuana smoking can lead to one type of testicular cancer. 

4. Does Smoking Marijuana Make You Dependent On Weed?

Yeah, you can become dependent on marijuana if you start smoking weed daily and heavily. There has been evidence which shows that smoking marijuana on a daily basis could make you physically dependent on marijuana and this can grow with time.

As you start smoking marijuana, the body may go into withdrawal, and the symptoms show irritation restlessness, sleeplessness and lowered appetite.

5. Does Marijuana Secondhand Smoke Affects You?

Yes. Secondhand marijuana smoke can weaken the Blood Pumping. If you are non pot smoker, then the secondhand smoke from marijuana could be affecting you. If a non marijuana smoker inhales the marijuana secondhand smoke for one minute, it can make the blood pumping less efficient.

Chemicals in marijuana include tobacco smoke, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde. These chemicals are known to cause cancer.

The secondhand marijuana smoke can push the blood pumping to as high as 90 minutes compared to secondhand tobacco smoke of 30 minutes.

6. Does Marijuana Smoking Harm Heart Or Lungs?

Marijuana affects your normal body functioning. It’s hard on your heart, and makes blood pumping harder. The heart beats about 50 to 70 times in a minute. But smoking marijuana can make it jump to 70 to 120 beats or at times more per minute.

The effect may remain for as high as 3 hours. There’s tar, chemicals and other things which raise the chances of heart attack or stroke. 

Marijuana smoke has about 60 chemicals called cannabinoids. 

7. Is Eating Marijuana Safe?

Bhang’s a popular marijuana drink in the country. People also bake marijuana with items like brownies and cakes. It’s safer compared to smoking it, but the health adversities are the same.

Eating marijuana directly does spare you the lung effects, but that the negative effects are there.

8. Does Marijuana Secondhand Smoke Makes You High?

Yes it does. The secondhand marijuana smoke can push the blood pumping to as high as 90 minutes compared to secondhand tobacco smoke of 30 minutes. Smoking pot directly is harmful, but secondhand smoke isn’t safe as well.

So, it you are in a room where people are smoking marijuana and you are not, it will be affecting you as well.

Marijuana Hangover: How To Manage Marijuana Hangover?

Marijuana stays in the body for longer than other addictive products as alcohol. If eaten, then Marijuana can be in your body for longer than being smoked. Generally marijuana hangs out in the body longer when it’s eaten than when it’s smoked.

So, the hangover effects vary like a dry mouth or bloodshot eyes, even till two days. There isn’t any successful solution, so its recommended to stay home and drink a lot of water.

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