The Unspoken Side: A Closer Look at Tarot Card Readers and Manifestation Coaches


It’s high time that people look over these fads, as prediction and forecasting lose ground when the present can itself be shaped beautifully by our efforts.

Since there are so many astrological and superstitious beliefs prevalent in Indian culture, it stands to reason that if you live there, you are probably already surrounded by them. And the reason for this is that people in India tend to be quite traditional and adhere to the rules established by our forefathers about astrology.

Long gone are the days when people used to stand in queues to get their horoscopes checked by priests as tarot card reading and manifest gurus have superseded the old-age astrology traditions based on ancient scriptures and Vedas. However, like astrology, befooling the sane minds of the masses through the declaration of cards as well as unrealistic goal attainment by beings disguised as gurus is a sin in itself.

Being a realist and a firm theist, I have been a believer in karma and fate. Prediction of fortune tellers is not only useless; it also attempts to “circumvent” and usurp God, who alone chooses our fate, the former makes it wicked and harmful. In addition, it is useless for comprehending the cosmos and ourselves since it is anti-science. Thus, I would be debunking the dark reality of these manifestation gurus and tarot readers who tend to provide bogus details for minting money.

1. Alter your future course of action

Manifestation coaches

Popular manifestation teachers encourage you to dream your most materialistic dreams and to pursue them to the fullest of your ability. They also permit you to do so. They also exhort you to move forward by spending tons of money on courses and coaching to achieve the material success they are peddling. Owing to this, people burden themselves with materialistic hopes in a hope to see the tables turn which rarely happens.

Tarot readers

Some tarot readers have special visionary abilities like clairvoyance or mediumship, while others are merely normal folks with exceptional skills for reading the cards. In either case, tarot is not a sort of fortune-telling because the future is not predicted by the cards. Tarot readings, on the other hand, aid searchers in getting clarity about problems in their life. Tarot readings, in my opinion, are largely focused on utilizing the past to comprehend the present: where am I right now and how did I get here?

2. The cupid duo of the 20th century

Manifestation coaches

People can make use of our greatest worries and anxieties to make money off of your enrolment in their courses. Why haven’t we encountered the appropriate person? Ask us to picture a perfect life with our future mate and if we don’t follow their plan, the implied message can be that we’re lost or damaged and can’t have what we thought of. These folks continue to play with emotions to following their plans and assist one in unleashing unnatural. Love cannot be manifested, a perfect person too cannot. Many practitioners of manifestation found themselves trapped in one sided love while all they did was to wait for their person to love them back

Tarot readers

Imagine a river moving; this is a metaphor for life’s events and emotions. In its most basic form, a camera is what the love Tarot cards are. You may get insight into the river’s past, present, and potential future by using the brief overview that the love Tarot cards provide at that particular instant in time. When you consult the Tarot, you are capturing a moment in time and a part of the river as it is currently flowing. The Tarot cards can assist you in anticipating potential changes, but they are unable to foretell how the river will flow since, among other things, water is unpredictable, containable, peaceful, and manageable. Likewise is the case with your love life. Guaranteeing an unrequited love falls out of scope for a designed card when the events of life fail to materialise as per our wants.

3. Cent per cent accuracy

Manifestation coaches

That your goals or thoughts may influence events is not supported by any hard data. That so, there are still advantages to manifesting, and it’s very feasible that doing so may aid you in some indirect manner in obtaining your goals. Suppose your goal is to manifest money. You can visualise the cash in your checking account or focus on how much you need to get paid. Money won’t magically appear on your doorstep the next day as a result of your visualization and meditation.

Tarot readers

Even reading from the most well-regarded and respected tarot reader in the world won’t be entirely correct. This is true because there are so many ambiguous elements in the tarot, and you may alter the results of any forecasts by choosing a different course of action. Remember that you have agency and to use your reading as a guide. Use the reader’s feedback as a chance to make improvements if you don’t like what they see.

4. Game of psychics

Manifestation coaches

Manifestation believes in what you want so it might surprise you if I say that the room is no more for psychic readers. Believing in what you want is self-belief and acclamation for that should lie in the range of the aspirer. The cults outcast them as wondrous beings to gain amass wealth by providing a false expectation of a future which when doesn’t get fulfilled, leaves you in misery and doubt.

Tarot card readers

You don’t need to be a psychic to read the tarot, although many very talented psychics utilize it as a tool to assist them advises the individuals who seek their advice. You may learn to interpret the cards for yourself with serious study, a good dose of intuition, and awareness of oneself. Another rising trend in self-care is tarot reading. Once you’ve mastered your card reading, you may use the cards to assist you navigate your day and any problems you might be having.

5. Mere trickery

Manifestation coaches

Likewise, for forbearers of the future; if perceiving a luxury could fill me up with wealth, then no one would be poor. Everyone aims to have a good life but loathing with loads of unrealistic aims and then reality hitting with a stroke can pull a person from the peak to the ground. This may become a hurdle in the person’s growth. As per the age old adage “belief can move mountains”, there is a thin line of difference between what actually can be achieved and what shall always remain a fantasy. Imagine standing in full faith to see the mountains move! Honestly, hard work has got no replacement when one wants to taste success and luxury.

Tarot card readers

The readers are generalizing the notions that avail to the public at large. No card has the superpower to tell what the future holds. However, the readers enforce us to believe what is not real by showing us the mirage of a future which happens to be the coincidence of picking cards. Such things persuade us to get engulfed in silly superstitions which challenge our rational thinking and make us a laughing stock if things go pretty serious.

It’s high time that people look over these fads, as prediction and forecasting lose ground when the present can itself be shaped beautifully by our efforts. People should move past these age-old shenanigans to have an insight of the real world.

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