Underground Bunker that can survive The End of the World – Kansas Survival Condo


A man in Kansas transformed a cold war missile silo into a luxurious high tech underground bunker , designed with 10- kiloton nuclear warhead.

It`s a 54,000 sq ft. complex , also known as survival condo , which has 15 floors and is 200 feet underground , that can provide medical bay , food storage , recreation facilities and some luxury living quarters.

The bunker has a capacity to sustain 75 people for upto 5 years , this will keep residents alive , including backups for fuel , water filtration system, also a system to filter volcanic ash from the air .

Apart from these , it also provides

  • 24 hour security
  • Constant survelliance
  • Tonnes of steel to protect
  • fifteen level underground


  • petpark
  • arcade
  • swimming pool
  • climbing wall
  • Gun room
  • cinema
  • library

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