Why Foreigners Are More Fit And Healthy Than Indians?


Foreign countries are in top position in the aspect of fitness. And the most surprising thing is India is not in a list of top 10. Yes, if we short out the countries which are good in fitness then there will be hardly any sign of India. I’m not saying about the sportsmen or the persons who get parts in Olympics. All I’m saying is about the fitness of the whole nation. And the news is like that, India is not at all a healthy country in spite of being the birth place of Yoga. Isn’t it shameful? The percentage of obesity, diabetes and others regular problems are higher in India than the foreign countries. Now the question is what’s the difference between them and us?Well, the answer could be the difference in“Lifestyle”. The wealth of the nation indirectly depends upon its health. If anyone can get the glory of a healthy country to India then it’s you people. Now it’s the time to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a health without any disease. Here’s the reasons of the fitness of 10 foreign countries. Have a look.

Greece is the birth place of Olympics. So undoubtedly , being active is their tradition. Greek government place importance on physical activity. Here the children join sports in early years of age. People here maintain a balanced diet and olive oil plays a major role in it.
Russians give stress on doing exercise at home. An ‘Anti-Gym’ agenda is very popular in Russia. But they are maintaining a good health. They usually do practice ‘A 7 minute workout’ , which saves time, no needs of any equipment so that you can do it anywhere at any time.
It is already known that Australians give emphasis on sports to be fit. Here the most popular workout is ‘Kettle bells’ that is a duo of cardio and weight lifting. It burns about 70% more calories than the other weight lifting.
Brazilian workouts are mainly based on Ballet and Dancing. They are also focused enough in body building exercises, abs exercises. And the most important part is football which makes them more fit and healthy.
Cycling is the most popular physical activity of Netherlands. Almost 40% of the population either walk or do cycling to work daily. The lesser use of cars makes the environment pollution free and best for living.
While Americans are conscious about stomachs, Brazilians about obesity, then the Japanese are conscious for a youthful, fit looking face. The demand for face workouts reflects the different beauty standards. Their eating habit is very good. They consume a lot of green tea.
Rather chasing the latest fitness fads, Mexicans prefer to stick to ‘Tried-and-True’ methods for a healthy body and mind. Here the pregnant women are in a practice of daily workout and women are also conscious about their flexibility and mental stamina.
There is a ritual of ‘Two hour nap’ in mid-day which is known as “Siesta”. It helps to lower the stress level and ensures that the people are having optimum rest.
They take a moderate amount of red wine that keeps their heart healthy. They walk for a huge mile on a daily basis. That can be a secret of their fitness.
The Swiss people are maintaining a good health because they have to climb mountains to maintain their daily life. Obviously they already have built up a good respiratory system and a fit body.
So, folks, don’t just be proud of India. Make India proud too. Live healthy. Stay healthy.


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